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US Gymnast Doctor Larry Nasser Sentenced To 60 Years In Prison For Sexual Abuse

The ex-USA Gymnastics doctor has been sentenced to 60 years for child porn. As CNN shares, 54-year-old Larry Nassar was sentenced today to time in federal prison for child pornography charges. Authorities say that he was found in possession of over 37,000 video and images of child pornography.

This is not the worst of Nassar’s crimes. The former gymnastics doctor also admitted to sexually abusing underage girls. In November, Nassar pled guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct as well as using his position of authoritiy to abuse underage girls. Three of his victims were reportedly under 13. 

More than 140 women and girls have accused Nassar of sexual abuse. Last month, Gold medalist Aly Raisman accused Nassar of sexual abuse as did Gabby Douglas. Their teammate, McKayla Maroney, accused him in October of molesting her for years.

In a statement to “60 Minutes,” USA Gymnastics say they recently adopted a

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Man Charged With Murdering NBA Player Lorenzen Wright 7 Years After His Death

On July 28, 2010, the body of 34-year-old Lorenzen Wright was found decomposing in suburban Memphis. On Tuesday, a man was charged in the murder of the former NBA player. The suspect, 46-year-old Billy Turner, was indicted on first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bond, according to The Washington Post.

As ABC News shared, Wright’s ex-wife said he left her home on July 18, 2010 with drugs and cash. He got into a car with an unidentified person and wasn’t seen after that. On July 19, a police dispatcher received a call from Wright’s cellphone. Authorities said they heard a man cursing, followed by number gunshots on the call, according to The New York Times. When Wright was found, the former athlete had two gunshot wounds in his head, two bullets in his chest and bullet fragments in his forearm.

“Additional gunshot wounds cannot be excluded,” the autopsy report noted.

Mom Sentenced To 5 Years After Putting 4-Month-Old Baby In Fridge To Freeze To Death

A mother from South Carolina was sentenced Thursday to just five years in prison for killing her 4-day-old son Lewis by putting him in a refrigerator. Angela Renee Blackwell, 28,  pleaded guilty to infliction of great bodily harm for the hypothermia death of her child, People reports.

Blackwell’s sentence was reduced from a more serious one — homicide by child abuse — because of her IQ. According to WSOC-TV, she has an IQ of 58 and prosecutors didn’t believe that the crime, which happened in early 2016, was calculated.

“This child never had a chance,” South Carolina Sixth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Candice Lively told People.

On Feb. 27, 2016, Blackwell put her son in the fridge for approximately three hours. According to an arrest warrant, she brought her infant to a hospital where he was declared dead. A coroner pointed to hypothermia by asphyxiation for the death of Lewis.

Blackwell’s lawyer,

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Missing 13-Year-Old Texas Teen Who Had Been Communicating Covertly With A Man For Years Found Safe In Mexico

13-year-old Ashlee Hattermann went missing on Friday after apparently going to meet a man she had been communicating covertly with on the Internet for years. Hatterman was discovered on Sunday evening and appears to be unharmed.

According to CBS, The Harris County Sheriff’s Office thanked the FBI’s San Antonio field office, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the Department of Homeland Security, and Mexican authorities in their efforts towards locating the missing child. Details were not offered on how, specifically, she was found.

“We found a note in her room,” said Ashlee’s father, Keith Hattermann. “She calls the guy ‘daddy’ and herself ‘baby girl.'”

The note reportedly read: “Daddy owns my body and my soul,” a line which was repeated on a sheet of paper.

The FBI had asked citizens to be on the lookout for Ashlee.

Ashlee was reported missing after attending on one class on Friday. Security footage of her at a

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Beautiful 13-Year-Old Girl Hangs Herself After Years Of Alleged Bullying: ‘They Told Me I Was Ugly Today’

A 13-year-old California girl died on Friday after she committed suicide after she suffered years of bullying, her family said.

Rosalie Avila, an eight grader at Mesa View Middle School in Yucaipa, California, was taken off life support on Friday after she attempted to kill herself on November 28. Her organs will be donated.

“My daughter had the whole world,” said her father, Freddie Avila, to NBC Los Angeles. “Now, I just have to think about what she could have done or what she could have become. Now it’s just a memory.”

Freddie found his daughter after she had taken her life, he said. 

“I woke up and there was screaming,” he said. “I had to find my daughter…in her room.”

KTLA reported that she apparently died due to asphyxiation by hanging.

After Avila’s suicide, her parents found a journal in which the girl detailed the bullying she received by her peers.

“‘They told

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39-Year-Old Man Receives More Than 1000 Years In Prison For Molesting Young Girls

A sexual abuser from San Marcos, Texas has been sentenced to more than 1,000 years in prison — and that doesn’t include the two additional life terms he’s been given. Robert Benjamin Franks, 39, was convicted on Monday of molesting two young girls, including his own 9-year-old stepdaughter, on a continuous basis.

A press release from the Hays County District Attorney’s Office shows that Franks was given one life sentence for each child he sexually abused. Then, he got 99 years for each of the nine counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Furthermore, he was slammed with an additional 20 years for each of six counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact. To top that off, Franks was ordered to pay $120,000 in fines for his crimes.

Franks’ stepdaughter testified in court that Franks did “disgusting things” to her in 2016 when she lived at his home.

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Man In Colorado Gets 472 Years In Prison, Longest Sentence Ever For Human Trafficking

A convicted child sex trafficker in Colorado was sentenced to 472 years in prison on Tuesday, the longest sentence ever for a human trafficking case in United States history.

Brock Franklin, 31, was found guilty on human trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child, child prostitution, and kidnapping charges in March, FOX 31 Denver reports, for operating a sex trafficking ring that preyed upon women and children.

“A 400-year sentence sends a strong message across the country that we’re not going to tolerate this kind of violence to women and vulnerable populations,” Janet Drake of the Colorado Attorney General’s office told FOX 31.

Prosecutors said Franklin used drugs and violence to control his victims. He sold their services online. The actual act often took place at hotels in the Denver metropolitan area. Franklin also forced his victims to have sex with him.

“I can’t begin to even explain what he did to my life,”

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Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Rape As A Teenager Leaves Prison After 45 Years

A man who served more than 45 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit has been freed.

“God is so good,” said 65-year-old Wilbert Jones, who was imprisoned at 19 years old. The Los Angeles Times reports that Jones left East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Wednesday after being exonerated for a rape conviction.

“Freedom. After more than 45 years and 10 months. That’s going through my mind,” Jones said as he hugged his brother outside the prison. He said that “serving time” was difficult and thanked the legal team at the Innocence Project New Orleans — who work to overturn convictions of those they believe were falsely convicted — saying, “without them, this wouldn’t be possible.”

On October 2, 1971, Jones was arrested on suspicion of abducting a nurse at gunpoint from a Baton Rouge hospital parking lot and raping her behind a building. He was convicted of aggravated rape at

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Man Arrested For Wife’s Murder Over 30 Years Later In Cold Case Breakthrough

A man from Pennsylvania was arrested Monday for the death of his wife three decades earlier. Carl Rogers, 62, of Shermans Dale has been charged with the 1983 murder of Debra Jane Rogers, Pennsylvania State Police announced on Tuesday. The break was made after the state police made an effort to reinvestigate cold case homicides last year, CNN reports.

“These cases never go away, much like the pain of the family members who lost a loved one,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro stated.

Debra Rogers was 23 years old when her body was found in a wooded area by her family’s home. At the time she lived with Carl and their 5-year-old daughter in a trailer on the Rogers family farm. At the time, Carl told police that Debra was depressed about her job and that she mentioned suicide during an argument the night she disappeared.

“That was completely at odds with

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3 Michigan Children Still Missing 7 Years After Their Dad ‘Gave Them To A Group’

Three brothers have been missing from the town of Morenci, Michigan since 2010. Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton vanished from their home seven years ago, the day after Thanksgiving, according to Click On Detroit. Andrew was 9 years old, Alexander was 7 and Tanner was 5 at the time of their disappearance. The National Center for Missing Children has created age-progressed photos of what the brothers could possibly look like now.

The boys’ mother, Tanya Skelton, told Morenci police that her husband John Skelton had the children last. He was supposed to bring the boys back home to her. John’s original story was that he gave his three sons to “a group.” No group has ever come forward. It is unclear what kind of group he meant. Since then, his story has allegedly changed. John is currently in prison, serving 10 to 15 years, on an unlawful imprisonment charge, according

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