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Wrong Woman Killed In Hit Intended To End Love Triangle

A hit team hired to end a love triangle realized that they kidnapped the wrong woman but they killed her anyway. According to Law Crime, 42-year-old Janice Zengotita-Torres was mistaken as the target in a murder-for-hire scheme in Florida. Her kidnappers, 22-year-old Alexis Ramos-Rivera and 22-year-old Glorianmarie Quinones-Montes (seen above) as well as 35-year-old Ishnar Lopez-Ramos were arrested and booked on Friday for murder.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Ishnar Lopez-Ramos (seen below) was upset that a “man she loved” was in a relationship with another woman. Authorities believe that she hired Ramos-Rivera and his girlfriend, Quinones-Montes to kill the other woman. The two tracked a woman matching the target’s description. They saw Zengotita-Torres, the mistaken victim, at the Ross Dress For Less store near Kissimmee, Florida on Sunday night. They followed her back to her apartment and forced her into the back of her car. The kidnappers then drove the woman to

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‘Snapped: Killer Couples’ returns with unhappy gym owner’s wife who has the wrong man killed

Snapped: Killer Couples returns for its 9th season in January, and it’s packed with nine new episodes of “America’s most dangerous duos,” including a shocking series premiere in which a “best man” gets murdered when a hitman mistakes him for his lover’s husband.

Lee Ann Reidel, 36, was apparently an unhappy upper middle class wife who wanted her husband dead so she could inherit his money and keep their child all to herself. In 2000, she fell head over heels in love with a “hitman,” Ralph Salierno, hired to murder Reidel’s husband, health enthusiast gym owner, Paul Reidel.

When the couple married in 1998, friends and family deemed them the perfect couple, but soon after, Lee Ann discovered her new husband had a crack cocaine addiction that tore the marriage apart. In 2000, she left Paul, taking their young son with her and moving in with her mother in Florida. Within six months,

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Innocent Woman Attacked By K-9 For ‘Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time’ Files Suit

A Minnesota woman who was taking out her trash was attacked by a police dog on the hunt for two burglary suspects—and now she’s suing the dog’s officer, The Washington Post said.

The 5-year-old police dog, Gabe, was allowed to roam on a 20 foot leash at the time of the September attack, according to body cam footage. As the officers chased down the suspects, Gabe ran past a dumpster and bit the right arm of Desiree Collins, 52, refusing to let go.

“Please,” Collins yelled, according to the footage. “Help me!”

Gabe released Collins after 30 seconds of clenching. “What did I do to him?” Collins asked.

“Nothing,” an officer responded. “Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

But Collins is now filing a federal suit against one of the officers, Thaddeus Schmidt, for the incident.

“What you have here is a completely innocent person taking out their garbage … and a

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‘Homicide for the Holidays’ Explores Family Celebrations Gone Terribly Wrong

You thought your family was messed up? Wait until Oxygen Media premieresSeason 2 of its hit crime series, Homicide for the Holidays, right after Thanksgiving … just in time for you to reevaluate who you’re inviting to Christmas dinner.

The shows explore five “heart-wrenching cases where family holidays take a drastic turn,” according to a press release. The stories are all based on true crimes, ranging from house fires to murder. They even include firsthand accounts from detectives, family members, and friends who lived through these terrible ordeals.

The series is slated to air every Saturday night, for five weeks, starting on November 25.

Freeform's '25 Days of Christmas' Expands to ABC, Disney Channel and More

Freeform’s ’25 Days of Christmas’ Expands to ABC, Disney Channel and More

Summer is barely over but that’s not stopping big plans for ABC and Disney’s annual celebration of all things

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Librarian Found Dead In Closet After Solo Sex Game Goes Horribly Wrong

A librarian has been found dead following a solo sex game gone wrong.

According to the New York Post38-year-old Simon Smith of the United Kingdom was discovered wearing a mask over his head with his body inside a cupboard.

A former funeral director, he is believed to have been killed following an “extremely dangerous” game of “breath play.” Categorized as autoerotic asphyxiation, the act is when a person intentionally restricts oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal.

Authorities got involved in the investigation on May 26 when Smith did not appear at his job at a library in Milford Haven. They went to his home in Fishguard and found him in the cupboard in a black leather mask. The coroner, Mark Layton, says that Smith did not want to kill himself, and it was an accident, reports New York Post. “There is nothing to suggest that this was an attempt

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Killer Times Square Driver: ‘I’m Not Completely Sure What’s Wrong With Me’

Last week, Richard Rojas drove his Honda Accord into a busy sidewalk in New York City’s Times Square. The incident, which momentarily brought the city to a halt as experts wondered if the situation was terrorism-related, left one dead and 22 others injured. Now, Rojas has come forward admitting he has various mental health issues, but does not know what, specifically, is the problem.

“I’m not completely sure what’s wrong with me,’’ said Rojas to The New York Post on Sunday.

Rojas has since admitted that he was high on marijuana and PCP during the altercation. After running into almost two dozen people, Rojas had exited his car and reportedly screamed, “You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them!”

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In an

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