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True crime shows worth watching right now

Law Order finally joined the party that other true-crime series have been hosting for years.

Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders continues the franchise’s long tradition of ripping from the headlines. Except this time, it’s a detailed, blow-by-blow retelling of a crime almost 30 years old. And it stars Edie Falco as all-star defense attorney Leslie Abramson.

It’s more like “ripped from the case files.”

In 1989, brothers Lyle, 21, and Erik Menendez, 18, stand accused of murdering their parents. Most people think the motive is money; the brothers went on a spending spree in the weeks following the deaths of their parents. Lyle Menendez maintained in a recent interview that he had been abused by his father but says he regrets it.

This isn’t the first time this saga has made it onscreen. The TV movie Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills, starring Edward James Olmos and Beverly D’Angelo, was

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Husband Of Bride Who Went Missing At Sea Allegedly Stole $100K Worth Of Gold Coins Before Her Disappearance

A man who reported his new wife missing at sea after they went sailing on their honeymoon was arrested on charges that he stole as much as $100,000 in coins several years prior, while he was a first mate on a Caribbean ship, The Palm Beach Post reported.

Lewis Bennett and his wife, Isabella Hellman, were on a honeymoon sail in the early morning on May 15 when their catamaran apparently struck an object and began taking on water. Bennett woke up and found that Hellman, 41, was gone, he told authorities after he was rescued.

Bennett asked the Coast Guard for a “letter of presumed death” within the day, even as investigators continued to search for Hellmann’s body for four days.

Police have not accused Bennett of foul play. But the Coast Guard and the FBI are continuing to conduct a missing person investigation, the Palm Beach Post reported.

While Bennett was

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3 Brothers Arrested After Decades Worth Of Child Porn, Used Kids’ Clothes And Graphic Notes On Murder Found In …

Three elderly brothers in Seattle have been arrested after their a search of their residence revealed “a home littered from floor to ceiling with child exploitation images, children’s clothing articles, toys and movies.”

According to KOMO News, a prosecutor stated that Edwin, Thomas and Charles Emery shared the majority of their lives abusing children. They are aged 78, 79 and 82 respectively. One of the brothers worked as a janitor at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle PI reported.

“The defendants have no known conviction history, but are charged with collecting images depicting the misery of sexually abused children to satiate their deeply rooted deviant interests,” the King County Prosecutor’s Office said in court documents, according to a Fox affiliate.

The discovery was made after a family member cleaning the suspects’ home found materials of a child being sexually abused. She then called 911.

“Among the items in evidence are numerous children’s

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Mom Caught With $2 Million Worth Of Meth While Traveling With 4-Year-Old Daughter

A Texas woman was found with $2 million worth of crystal meth hidden in “Purple Power” jugs in her car. Seline Ayala, 23, was traveling with her 4-year-old daughter when the drugs were found, the Austin Statesman reports.

She was pulled over for speeding last week, and an Austin police officer became suspicious. That led to a K-9 search of her car, which revealed at least 75 pounds worth of liquid crystal meth inside the white jugs that originally contained cleaner/degreaser.

The suspect told police a variety of stories, claiming she had the drugs because she worked for a doctor, according to the Austin Statesman. But, eventually she admitted she was taking the drugs to Dallas. She said she would be paid for her delivery upon her return to Laredo, where she lives, according to KVUE.

[Photo: Austin Police Department]

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