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White Student Who Contaminated Black Roommate’s Belongings With Bodily Fluids Avoids Hate Crime Charges

Brianna Brochu, a white former student of Connecticut University, has pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal mischief and breach of peace after contaminating her black roommate’s belongings with bodily fluids. The decision to not prosecute Brochu on hate crime charges has many outraged, sparking protests.

According to The Washington Post, Brochu had taken to social media to brag about rubbing used tampons on the backpack of Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe’s and putting her toothbrush “where the sun doesn’t shine.” She also tainted her roommate’s lotions with moldy clam dip and had spit into her coconut oil. Her roommate had experienced throat pain following the contamination. Brochus had described Rowe as “Jamaican Barbie” in the social media posts.

Rowe had told police that Brochu had “generally ignored her and treated her as a ghost,” when they were roommates. Before this, Brochu had posted videos of Rowe snoring online to make fun of

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Video: White Veteran Sergeant Fired For Initiating Unnecessary Confrontation And Ordering Black Woman To Be Tased

A veteran sergeant from the Fort Worth Police Department was fired following an arrest in which he used excessive force on a woman. According to the Star-Telegram, 22-year veteran Sgt. Kenneth Pierce was terminated after it was found that he arrested a woman in August and prompted the use of a taser. During the process, he was described as “impatient, initiated an unnecessary physical confrontation and then ordered a rookie police officer to tase the woman,” per to a statement from authorities. 

The incident in question occurred in August when the woman, who is black, called authorites for a domestic disturbance. According to Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald, the woman was cooperating with police. He says that it’s senseless why Pierce, who is white, demanded the need for such force.  “I’m confident that everyone who sees this video, including members of this department, will agree this supervisor’s response and subsequent behaviors are absolutely unacceptable.”



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Video Goes Viral Of White Woman Accusing Taco Bell Employees Of Racism For Not Serving Fries

A woman cried racism after she was unable to order French fries in a Taco Bell. The bizarre incident was caught on video, which has since gone viral.

“I just literally want a medium French fries from the dollar menu,” the woman tells the cashier in the video.

The Taco Bell employee responds, “French fries? We don’t sell French fries.”

“You’re Burger King. You don’t sell French fries?” the woman asks.

“You think you’re in Burger King. This is Taco Bell. Welcome to Taco Bell…we don’t sell French fries.”

At this point, the woman becomes upset and turns around to talk to other customers. She makes the shocking statement: “This is racism at its f—king finest.”

Nobody seems to agree with her. One customer says “It’s not, girl,” while another calls her “ignorant as f—k.”

The woman grows emotional as she recounts ‘Do you sell French fries?’ And she said nothing to me. She just looked at

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Video Goes Viral Showing ‘White Lives Matter’ Group Attacking Interracial Couple At A Bar

Following a “White Lives Matter” rally in central Tennessee, a group of demonstrators attacked an interracial couple at a bar brawl. Video of the attack is now circulating on social media.

According to Splinter News, the white supremecist rally originally scheduled was quickly called off when counter-protestors outnumbered the overtly racist agitators by three to one. The bigoted demonstrations dispersed but the members spilled into local bars. 

A witness described the situation on Facebook:

“I went to Brentwood this evening to escape the rally chaos in Murfreesboro,” says Annelise Werme in her post. “Guess who showed up at the restaurant I was at. I recognized them as soon as they walked in, and I wondered if anyone else there knew. These guys, maybe 20 of them, dressed in all black, paraded through to an adjoining room, and immediately started harassing a biracial couple there. It broke out into a huge

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NYPD Investigates White Nationalist Death Threats Made Against CNN Reporter Don Lemon

Following the delivery of an empassioned monologue about President Donald Trump, CNN reporter Don Lemon began receiving a series of extreme death threats made by at least one white nationalist. Now, the NYPD is investigating the source of those threats.

Lemon had specifically been addressing President Trump’s ongoing public disagreement with Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson. Trump had sought to dispute claims made by Johnson about a private call the two had following the death of her husband.

According to TMZ, CNN’s security team contacted the NYPD following a series of racist messages sent to the organization over Twitter: “F*ck you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck” and “U r a pile of rotting Dogshit,racist,communist, socialist, Liberal moron asshole,i will

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White Restaurant Manager Accused Of Enslaving Black Disabled Employee

A white resturant manager in South Carolina is accused of enslaving a black employee. According to the Post-Courier, 52-year-old Bobby Paul Edwards of Lakeside Drive is facing a charge of forced labor for his treatment of Christopher Smith at JJ Cafeteria.

Smith had worked for 23 years at the restaurant. The allegations came to light after state social workers received a tip from someone concerned for his safety. According to prosecutors, Edwards “used force, threats of force, physical restraint and coercion” to get Smith to work. Smith, who has an intellectual disability, was said to work 18-hour shifts six days a week. He often worked without breaks and had been hit with a frying pan, burned with grease-covered tongs and beaten with butcher knives, belt buckles and fists “while being called the N-word repeatedly,” per his lawyers.

His salary was less than $3,000 a year.

Edwards’ lawyer asserts his innocence. If found

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September 19, 2014: Man Jumps Fence, Enters Restricted Part Of White House

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On September 19, 2014, Omar J. Gonazalez jumped a White House fence and attempted to enter restricted parts of the highly-protected building. The incident set off a scandal within the Secret Service, which was criticized for a lack of discipline and for potentially lying about the areas the intruder was able to access. Gonzales had been armed with a knife.

Officials at the time were stunned that Gonzales had made it that far into the White House without being stopped.

Gonzales is an Iraq war veteran diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He later told officials that the “atmosphere was collapsing” and that he needed to inform President Obama.

He was sentenced to 17 months in prison and three years of probation on felony counts on entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds while carrying

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White Supremacist Who Helped Organize Charlottesville Rally Has Been Banned From Facebook

Facebook has banned the Facebook and Instagram accounts of a white nationalist who was featured in a Vice News documentary about the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Facebook spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Christopher Cantwell’s profile pages have been removed. A page connected to a podcast that Cantwell runs has also been removed.  Budhraja said the pages violated Facebook’s hate speech policies.

In the Vice News documentary released on Monday, Cantwell said that the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer was “justified.” She was mowed down by a white supremacist’s car while participating in a counter protest. In the footage, Cantwell spews hatred towards Jews and African Americans.

“I’m not even saying we’re nonviolent,” the 36-year-old from Keene, New Hampshire said. “I’m saying that f—— we did not aggress. We did not initiate force against anybody. We’re not nonviolent — we’ll f—— kill these people if we have

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Man Whose Pic Attending White Supremacist Rally Went Viral Responds To Backlash: ‘I’m Not An Angry Racist’

One of the white nationalists photographed carrying a torch in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville claims he is not “an angry racist.”

Twenty-year-old Peter Cvjetanovic, a history and political science major at the University of Nevada, had his identity outed by the Twitter account @yesyoureracist after photos of him went viral.

“I did not expect the photo to be shared as much as it was. I understand the photo has a very negative connotation,” Cvjetanovic said in an interview with Channel 2 News, “But I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I’m not the angry racist they see in that photo.”

He complained that has received “graphic and violent” death threats.

“I will defend tooth and nail my views as a white nationalist,” Cvjetanovic told USA Today. “I love my culture and will fight for it, but never in a violent way.”

He defended

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Cop Pens Facebook Post Mocking Protester Hit By Car During White Supremacist Rally

A Massachusetts police officer mocked the counter-demonstrators who were mowed down during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday.

“Hahahaha love this, maybe people shouldn’t block roads,” Springfield Officer Conrad Lariviere wrote in a Facebook comment on a news article about the incident.

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri said the department has launched an investigation into the officer’s comments, according to ABC News.

“I received notification of this Facebook post earlier today via email from a complainant. The post is purportedly from Springfield police officer. I took immediate steps to initiate a prompt and thorough internal investigation,” Barbieri wrote in an email. “If in fact this post did originate from an officer employed with the Springfield Police Department, this matter will be reviewed by the Community Police Hearings Board for further action.”

Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal, was killed in the crash. Nineteen

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