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Missing 18-Year-Old Found Dead Two Weeks Later On Christmas Night

A teenager from Blount County, Tennessee, had been missing for two weeks. On Christmas night, his family got the grim news that his body was found and that police are investigating his death as a homicide.

Christian Boyle, 18, was found after police received a tip, according to AL.com. Police have not yet elaborated on that tip, but Tim Kent of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office did say that after receiving it, they were able to find Boyle’s car and his body.

AL.com reported that Boyle’s father has been ill and up until the day Boyle went missing, December 12, he had been calling regularly to check in on his dad. Boyle loved his father and even had a tattoo dedicated to him. That tattoo features his father’s name and birthday: “George Samuel Boyle 6-25-67.”

After the teen vanished, his family and

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Husband Blows Up House Weeks After Killing His Wife To Cover Up Her Murder

What started as an accident investigation has now become a murder case.

Emergency responders in Madison, Wisconsin converged on the scene of a house explosion Wednesday at the home of Steven D. Pirus, 59, and his wife, Lee Anne Pirus, age 50. However, ABC affiliate WISN reports the incident was a way for Steven to cover up Lee Anne’s murder, which investigators say may have happened weeks before, if not longer.

The explosion itself was so great, it decimated the Pirus’ house and damaged others nearby, resulting in the displacement of neighbors from at least eight homes, according to People magazine.

While sifting through the wreckage, investigators found Lee Anne’s body. However, following an autopsy, the Dane County Medical Examiner determined she didn’t die from injuries sustained in the explosion, but from “homicidal firearm trauma.” Not only that, he says the victim had been dead for weeks, possibly months.


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Man Kills Family 3 Weeks Before His Wedding So Fiancée Doesn’t Find Out He Lied About Job

Toronto man Brett Ryan has been given three life sentences and a concurrent 10-year sentence in prison for first- and second-degree murder and attempted murder after slaying three family members with a crossbow. According to Cosmopolitan, Ryan feared that the mother of his fiancée would inform his bride-to-be that he had lied to her about having both a job and a college degree (he, in fact, had neither).

Ryan had previously committed eight different bank robberies and served almost four years in prison — his fiancée was aware of his sordid past.

Ryan had held an IT job but was fired when they became aware of his criminal record. He informed his fiancée’s mother who agreed to help him financially — but Ryan decided to kill her anyway, fearing she’d tell her daughter.

Ryan attempted to cover up the murder by using improvised devices that would create a “digital footprint” if he needed an alibi.

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Son Gets Away With Killing Dad For Weeks By Masking Rotting Body Smell With Scented Candles

A man allegedly killed his father and then used candles and air fresheners to try to mask the smell of his dad’s decomposing corpse as it rotted on a couch.

Tyler Swantek, 24, was arrested on Friday and charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and other charges, according to a police press release. The body of Todd Swantek, 49, was found in their Pennsylvania home in May after police were called to check on his welfare. He hadn’t been seen since March.

When police arrived, they found the father’s rotting corpse covered in blankets and pillows on the couch. According to a police affidavit, scented candles, air fresheners, fly strips and blankets at the base of exterior doors were used to mask the smell.

District Attorney Christine Holman told CBS News that the body was found “maybe a month” after Tyler Swantek allegedly shot and killed father.

According to People,

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