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Man Charged With Killing His Wife, Dumping Her Body On Their First Wedding Anniversary

A Florida man is being held without bond on charges that he killed his wife shortly before their first wedding anniversary, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said.

Timothy Allen Upthegrove, 53, was arrested on Christmas Eve after police found what they believed to be his wife’s remains in the woods. Police found the body based on information they obtained through interviews with Upthegrove, they claimed.

Upthegrove and his wife, Lori Lynn Upthegrove, 51, married on Christmas Eve the previous year, Florida Today reported. Prior to the Sunday discovery, police had been treating Lori’s disappearance on December 19 as a missing persons case. 

Detectives now believe that Upthegrove had spent the night of Lori’s disappearance driving his wife’s car and smoking crack, Florida Today reported. When he returned home, he and his wife got into an argument about his drug use, police claim. At one point, Lori told her husband that she

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Baker Responds After Gay Couple Pens Post On Her Refusing To Make Wedding Cake: ‘Our Business Is God’s Business’

As LGBTQ rights are debated accross the country, a story of a religious baker refusing to serve a gay couple has garnered national attention.

Now, the baker at the center of the story has responded to the attention, doubling down on her bigoted convictions.

Sam Salazaar shared his experience with Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California, on Facebook, prompting investigation into the situation from reporters:

Salazaar says he was turned away by the cake shop due to the owners’ Christian beliefs.

Owner Cathy Miller has since responded to the post: “Our family are Christians. We love everyone. God created everyone…There are certain things that violate my conscience and my conscience will not allow me to participate in things that I feel are wrong. Our business is God’s business. We work for him … Participating in a celebration of a same-sex marriage goes against my conscience. I shouldn’t be picked on because of my

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Man Kills Family 3 Weeks Before His Wedding So Fiancée Doesn’t Find Out He Lied About Job

Toronto man Brett Ryan has been given three life sentences and a concurrent 10-year sentence in prison for first- and second-degree murder and attempted murder after slaying three family members with a crossbow. According to Cosmopolitan, Ryan feared that the mother of his fiancée would inform his bride-to-be that he had lied to her about having both a job and a college degree (he, in fact, had neither).

Ryan had previously committed eight different bank robberies and served almost four years in prison — his fiancée was aware of his sordid past.

Ryan had held an IT job but was fired when they became aware of his criminal record. He informed his fiancée’s mother who agreed to help him financially — but Ryan decided to kill her anyway, fearing she’d tell her daughter.

Ryan attempted to cover up the murder by using improvised devices that would create a “digital footprint” if he needed an alibi.

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Man Arrested For Stealing Bag, Wedding Ring From Train Stabbing Victim

Rick Best was one of the victims stabbed and killed in the MAX train attack. Portland police say that Best’s personal items—his backpack and wedding ring—were stolen during the attack. The man allegedly involved in the theft has just been apprehended.

According to KOIN, the family of Best (pictured below) realized his items were missing while making funeral arrangements on Thursday. Portland Police reviewed surveillance video from the May 26 crime scene and spotted a man on tape carrying the backpack off the train. 

On Friday, they apprehended the suspect.


Best was a 53-year-old Army veteran and father of four. Best, along with another victim, were stabbed to death by a man spewing hate speech on the MAX train. The man accused in the incident has been charged for multiple crimes including aggravated murder, assault and intimidation. He was arraigned a few days ago. 


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