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Meek Mill Arrested Over Instagram Video Of Him Riding Dirt Bike

Meek Mill was arrested in New York on Thursday night after an Instagram video of him riding a dirt bike went live. As People shares, the 30-year-old rapper was arrested for recklesss endangerment hours after performing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Meek was arrested at 10:15pm after being spotted riding a quad bike in Upper Manhattan with his friends. The Wins Losses rapper has long been a fan of riding. USA Today shares that it took the NYPD a while to identify the rapper but they used Instagram to find him.

That video has since been pulled down. TMZ has it here.

The Philly rapper was in police custody as of early this morning. He was charged with reckless endangerment for popping wheelies and riding without helmet. People reports that he spent the night in Central Booking and faced a judge Friday morning.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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‘Twin Peaks’ Actor Charged With Attempted Murder After Video Shows Him Beating GF With Bat Over Fight About Kool …

An actor who appeared on an episode of “Twin Peaks: The Return” allegedly beat a woman with a baseball bat on Wednesday in Washington.

According to a press release from the Spokane City Police Department, police were called to a business after calls of an attack. They spotted actor Jeremy Lindholm, 41, fleeing out the back of the business with the baseball bat. He then gave up and let police take him into custody in a nearby ally.

Linholm told police he and his girlfriend were fighting all day. According to KREM, the actor became enraged after his girlfriend didn’t get him Kool Aid. She then left to buy him some, but never returned. So, Linholm went to her workplace to assault her. 

The incident was captured on a security camera. Police called it “extremely violent.”

Lindholm has been arrested for attempted second-degree murder. The victim was treated at a

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HBO Producer Jailed For 1 Year After He’s Caught On Video Dragging Mother Of Three’s Dead Body Into Hallway

A HBO producer has been sentenced to one year in jail after admitting to dragging the body of a mother of three into a hallway in Manhattan after she overdosed.

According to People53-year-old Marc Henry Johnson admitted in March to dragging the body of 38-year-old  Kiersten Cerveny in 2015. He also pled guilty to accessory after the fact.

According to a spokesperson from the U.S. Department of Justice, Johnson and Cerveny, a married Long Island doctor, apparently spent hours drinking and doing cocaine before the incident. The two then went to the apartment of a man, James Holder, who was Henry’s drug dealer.

Cerveny overdosed inside the home, and surveillance footage shows the two men dragging her unconscious body into the hallway. Holder left the building with an unspecified object while Johnson anonymously called 911. He did not give the operator key details about the incident and when EMTs arrived, he left.

Cerveny was taken to

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Disturbing Snapchat Video Shows Babysitters Laughing As They Put 8-Month-Old Baby In Fridge: ‘Bye!’

Two juvenile girls were arrested after they allegedly posted a video via Snapchat on Monday showing them putting the infant they were babysitting in a fridge and closing the door, NECN reports.

The two girls, whose names were not released by police because they are only 14 and 15 years old, were charged with child endangerment and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

The video shows the teens laughing as they put the baby in the refrigerator and close the door, reopening it just a few moments later to take out the infant, NECN said.

You can watch the full video here. (Warning: Content may be upsetting to some viewers.)

The baby’s mother told WBZ-TV that one of the teens is her niece, and that she had left the baby with the pair while she was showering. She wasn’t aware

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Northwestern Professor Accused Of Killing Hair Dresser Sent Video To Victim’s Family: ‘Worst Mistake Of My Life’

A Northwestern University associate professor and an Oxford University employee have each turned themselves into police after the pair became suspects in the death of a 26-year-old man, People magazine reports.

Police found the body of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau at the home of Wyndham Lathem, 42, an associate professor of microbiology-immunology at Northwestern. The victim was apparently stabbed to death.

Police searched for Lathem and Andrew Warren, 56, for more than a week before they agreed to turn themselves in.

While on the run, Lathem allegedly sent a video to Cornell-Duranleau’s family, apologizing for “the worst mistake of my life,” investigators claimed.

One of the suspects also made a $1,000 donation to a local library in Cornell-Duranleau’s name, the Associated Press reports.

Lathem, who has been placed on administrative leave and banned from Northwestern’s campuses, plans to plead not guilty to the charge of murder, his attorney told People.

[Image: Chicago Police Department]

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Terrifying Video Shows Moment Single Mom Is Dragged Across Gas Station And Violently Attacked

Lyft driver Tenicia Bennet was viciously attacked during a road rage incident, according to CBS. The assault was caught on video and shared on social media.

[CW: Assault]

“I can’t watch it, no. I can’t watch it — see myself being dragged across a gas station for no reason,” she said. “I just would never have thought that I would experience something like that.”

Bennett says she had just dropped a customer off and was refueling her car when two women jumped out of a car and began beating her. The assailants also stole Bennet’s wallet, phone, and rent money.

The car the attackers emerged from had an Uber sticker, but Uber says the driver registered with that car has not been an employee for years. 

“There is no place for such violence in our society. Our thoughts are with Tenicia as she recovers from this terrible ordeal. We stand ready to assist law enforcement,” said

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Star Of MTV Reality Show ‘Siesta Key’ Connected To Horrifying Shark Dragging Video

A reality show about rich, young people in an idyllic setting has been overshadowed by allegations of animal abuse. According to PeopleFlorida authorities have identified the suspects behind a horrifying shark dragging incident. Although the names have not been made public, it appears one of them is tied to the new MTV show “Siesta Key.”

Activists have connected one of the show’s stars, Alex Kompothecras (pictured center), to the incident. In the viral abuse video, a group of individuals is seen dragging a shark with their high-speed boat. 


A post shared by THE SHARK HUNTER (@marktheshark) on Jul 24, 2017 at 10:20am PDT

Kompothecras denied that he is one of the suspects and pointed

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Disturbing Video Appears To Show Border Patrol Officers Having 16-Year-Old Drink Liquid Meth

Surveillance video shows a disturbing exchange at the U.S.-Mexico border. According to ABC Newstwo U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in 2013 allowed (and possibly encouraged) a teenage student to drink from a plastic bottle that would later be found to contain liquid methamphetamine.

The 16-year-old, Cruz Velazquez of Mexico, died within two hours of drinking the yellow liquid. In the clip, it appears to be in a soft drink or iced tea bottle.  The two officers, Valerie Baird and Adrian Perallon, continue to be patrol officers and have faced no disciplinary action. 

The incident appears to be incorrect protocol for a drug search. “If they truly suspected there was a controlled substance in the bottle, they should’ve conducted a field test,” says James Tomsheck, the former head of internal affairs at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, ABC News reports.

“What you see, I think, is a basic lack of compassion and decency

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Eerie 1977 Video Shows How Terrifying It Was To Have Dark Hair During "The Summer Of Sam"

Before serial killer David Berkowitz received the nickname “Son of Sam,” he was known as the .44 Caliber Killer. Igniting paranoia over the tri-state area, Berkowitz remained at large as he taunted the NYPD. In a new documentary, The Lost Tapes: Son of Samreporters can be seen polling dark-haired women about their thoughts and feelings on the man who seemed to be targeting women who looked just like them.

In the footage, Channel 11 News reporter Jeff Kamen can be seen asking women if they cosidered dyeing their hair to avoid attracting the notorious murderer.

“Berkowitz’s method of stalking the streets at night, murdering brazenly, was incredibly difficult to track, and the NYPD formed a 200-person task force, Operation Omega, to bring him to justice. Attacking young couples in different sections of the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn meant that no neighborhood was safe during his rampage, and police and the public had

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Terrifying Video Shows Moment Ride Broke Apart At Ohio Fair, Killing 1 And Injuring 7

A carnival ride at the Ohio State Fair called the “Fire Ball” malfunctioned on Wednesday, causing an entire row of the gondola wheel to break apart which ejecting at least two people into the air, according to The Washington Post.

An 18-year-old man was slammed to the ground, and he died on impact, the Daily Mail reports, as fairgoers watched on in horror. Seven others were injured, three of which are reportedly fighting for their lives. The victims vary in age, from a victim in their 60s to someone under the age of 13.

A video caught the terrifying moment the ride broke apart.

(WARNING: Content may be upsetting to some.)

Fair organizers said in a statement that the gates will reopen at 9 a.m. Thursday, and “other activities will resume as scheduled.” All riders were shut down after the tragedy and face re-inspection before Thursday’s opening.

[Photo: YouTube]

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