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Man Suspected Of Killing 2 Police Officers Threatened To Kill Wife And Baby

Two police officers from Websterville, Ohio were shot to death on Saturday while responding to a 911 hangup call from a domestic abuse victim. Westerville Police Officers Eric Joering, 39, and Anthony Morelli, 54, died as they attempted to enter an apartment.

Inside that home was 30-year-old Quentin Lamar Smith, who police believe pulled the trigger and killed the two men. 

“The officers gave their lives in defense of others,” Division of Police Chief Joe Morbitzer said during an emotional news conference, according to NBC4. He called both Joering and Morelli “true American heroes.”

According to USA Today, it is unclear where Smith is and if he is in custody. According to NBC4, he has been wounded and is being treated at a hospital.

Last year, police visited Smith multiple times for alleged domestic violence against his wife, Candace Smith. According to police documents, Candice went to a police station in

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Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassed And Threatened To Kill Her

Film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual abuse by numerous women. Actress Salma Hayek is the latest woman to come forward, revealing in an op-ed for The New York Times about ongoing harassment she experienced from the Hollywood mogul.

“Harvey Weinstein was a passionate cinephile, a risk taker, a patron of talent in film, a loving father and a monster,” she said.

The actress opened up about wanting to collaborate with Weinstein on her movie “Frida”: “The Weinstein empire, which was then Miramax, had become synonymous with quality, sophistication and risk taking — a haven for artists who were complex and defiant. It was everything that Frida was to me and everything I aspired to be.”

The partnership proved predatory according to Hayek. She said that Weinstein continually pushed her to be sexy in the role, pressuring her to do a sex scene with

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27-Year-Old Man Accused Of Shooting 16-Year-Old And Leaving Her In A Burning Car After She Threatened To …

A teenage girl was found dead inside a burning car on Monday in Waterbury, Connecticut. Now, the vehicle’s driver is accused of shooting her three times before the car went up in flames.

Bail was set at $3 million for 27-year-old Dominique Pittman during a Wednesday arraignment. “The state alleges the defendant committed a vicious murder of a 16-year-old,” Waterbury State’s Attorney Maureen Platt said during the hearing, according to the Hartford Courant.

That 16-year-old was Evalyce Santiago and according to People, she was shot twice in the head and once in her hand. Police found her inside Pittman’s car, which was up in flames on a home’s lawn after a single-car collision. Also discovered inside the car: a .357-caliber handgun.

Pittman, a father of three, suffered minor injuries in the crash. In court, Platt explained that Pittman “attempted to mislead police, stating a third person was responsible for the murder.”


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Woman Fakes Seizure To Escape Armed Robber Who Threatened Her With Terrifying Note

A woman may have thwarted being a victim of a violent crime by faking a seizure.

According to SF Gate, Julie Dragland was on a BART train heading to San Francisco when a person reportedly handed her a note threatening to rob her at gunpoint. The 32-year-old Oakland resident then faked a seizure, which attracted the attention of other passengers on the train and scared the mugger into fleeing from the train.

“When I read the note, I started freaking out,” she said in an interview Sunday. “I did not want to give up my stuff, but I had no idea who was behind me.” She shared the threatening note on Twitter (Her profile is private and the note cannot be seen) but KTVU shared an image in a news airing about the incident:

The note read, “There are 2 guns pointed at you now. If

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Film Producer Says Boss’s Daughter Sexually Harassed Him, Called Him Her ‘Gigolo’ – Then Threatened To Kill Him

A new law suit reveals the lascivious ongoings of a Hollywood scandal, in which a producer was seduced and then threatened by his investor’s daughter.

A report from the New York Post explains the bizarre story behind “Time Freak” and GTM Pictures.

After partnering with Chinese investor Sean Liao, producer Keith Wright found himself embroiled in trouble. Wright had been given $10 million to create three movies, including the rom-com “Time Freak,” through the newly founded GTM Pictures.

Wright was quickly made into a target for Wendy Liao, Sean’s daughter, whom he claims aggressively attempted to court him.

“She consistently asked Mr. Wright out for lunch and dinner,” the sexual harassment suit reads.

“Ms. Liao also repeatedly purchased or offered to purchase gifts for Mr. Wright. These gifts​ ​– including a Hugo Boss watch, Adidas shoes, engraved Tiffany cufflinks, a Coach backpack​ ​– were never solicited by Mr. Wright and made him uncomfortable.”

Wright says he returned the gifts

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