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Former Friend Reveals He Was Terrified Of OJ Simpson

In 2007, OJ Simpson got a call from Tom Riccio, a collectibles broker who had worked with Simpson in the past. He informed Simpson that a couple of dealers had some of OJ’s personal property that went missing or were stolen from him.

“OJ was both angered and excited that a lot of his stuff he’d been looking for for many years was back in his grasp,” Riccio says during the series premiere of Mysteries Scandals. “He wanted it back. He came up with the idea to tell them that we had a rich OJ fan that wanted to buy this stuff. And that he would go there and try to get it back himself.”

Eventually Riccio and Simpson showed up to the Las Vegas hotel room where the infamous crime went down. Riccio secretly recorded the entire event to cover

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With 3 Murders In 10 Days, Floridians Terrified A New Serial Killer Is On The Loose

Florida police warned residents of a possible serial killer in the Tampa neighborhood last week, telling residents not to walk alone at night after the third in a chain of murders over the past 10 days left an Autistic man dead from gunshot wounds.

“We have someone terrorizing the neighborhood,” Interim Tampa police Chief Brian Dugan said during a Friday news conference after 20-year-old Anthony Taino Naiboa was fatally shot Thursday night. Naiboa was found just 100 yards from where 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell was killed days earlier, on Oct. 9. Another victim, 32-year-old Monica Caridad Hoffa was found dead in a vacant lot on Oct. 13.

Police said the three victims have no ties to one another, but they believe the killings are are linked by the same individual. Officers are blanketing the neighborhood, but investigators have made no arrests nor has anyone been declared a person of interest in the

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Terrified 11-Year-Old Calls 911 On Own Mom For Drunk Driving – While He’s In Backseat

A boy in Beaverton, Oregon called 911 on his own mother for driving drunk from the backseat of her car.

Nicole Norris, 30, was driving home from a minor league baseball team game Saturday night when her 11-year-old son called 911, according to Oregon Live.

Police arrived and Norris was cited for a DUI. Her blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit, an NBC affiliate reports.

“I’ve never had that call before,” Deputy Deputy Shannon Wilde. “We get a lot of concerned citizens, people call in, about people they think are driving impaired, swerving, or driving really slow, but to have a child call from inside the car to say the parent is driving impaired is unusual.”

Wilde praised the boy for his actions.

“I think it absolutely says that he’s a courageous young man, who knows the difference between right and wrong,” said  Wilde. “Even doing something as hard as

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