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Teacher Accused Of Taping Student With Cerebral Palsy’s Mouth Shut, Locking Her In Bathroom For ‘Gargling Her Spit’

A Michigan mother brought a lawsuit against her daughter’s school after a teacher allegedly taped her disabled daughter’s mouth shut and locked her in a bathroom, The Washington Post reported.

But the school district said that Smith did not report any complaints to the school until a year after the alleged abuse occurred.

Doreen Smith alleges in the lawsuit that in March 2016, she received a text message from her daughter’s teacher with a photo showing the girl, who has cerebral palsy, with four pieces of tape covering her mouth.

“Help. She won’t be quiet!!!!” the teacher wrote in the text messages.

Several months later, Smith claims that her daughter, Rosa Smith, was locked in a school bathroom for several hours to punish the girl for “gargling her spit.”

And in February, the lawsuit claims, a school bus driver saw an employee slap Rosa the face more than once.

Smith alleged that her daughter

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‘Jenny Jones Show’ Killer Who Murdered Male Admirer Days After Taping Secret Crushes Episode Is Freed From Prison

In 1995, Jenny Jones’ popular talk show ran a segment on secret crushes. Audiences cheered as Scott Amedure revealed his admiration for acquaintance Jonathan Schmitz — but the episode’s history is mired in horror.

A few days after the filming, Amedure was found dead.

According to CBS, Schmitz had killed Amedure over his same-sex crush, shooting him dead in his mobile home three days after the taping. He turned himself into police, saying he committed the crime because he was embarrassed on national television.

Now, more than two decades later, Schmitz is walking free.

The episode, which never aired due to the fallout from the murder, has recently been made available. In it, Schmitz can be seen demurely saying that he is “completely heterosexual,” while looking uncomfortable.

“What you are seeing on the tape is a 24-year-old man facing the studio audience and the camera with what I consider to be an ambush,” Richard Thompson, the prosecutor in the

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