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‘Fitbit murder’ Suspect Faces Wrongful Death Suit

Connie Dabate was found dead, shot in the back of the head in the basement of the home she shared with her husband in 2015. Her husband, Richard Dabate, told authorities the crime involved a masked intruder, who he tried to overpower. But Connie’s Fitbit records told another story and helped incriminate her husband as the suspect for the crime. While he awaits his murder trial, Connie’s sister Marliese Shaw has filed a wrongful death suit against him.

As FoxNews shares, Shaw filed a claim on Nov. 22 against Richard Dabate. She is seeking unspecified monetary damages and has asked the court to return more than $70,000 she believes he took from his dead wife’s estate.

Back on December 23, 2015, Connie Dabate was found dead in her basement in Ellington, Connecticut. The husband told authorities that a masked intruder with a “Vin Diesel voice” chased Connie and killed her. He claimed he fought the

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5 Signs A Suspect Is Guilty, According To A Criminal Interrogator

Ever wonder if someone being interrogated is actually telling the truth? On Criminal Confessions, airing Sunday at 7/6c on Oxygen, we get to see some of the world’s best interrogation experts pick up on these signs of lying and get guilty criminals to confess to their atrocious wrongdoings. 

One of those experts is Sergeant Brian Harris, who is featured as an expert on Criminal Confessions. Sergeant Harris, who has been in law enforcement for 28 years, trained hundreds of law enforcement officers nationally and internationally in Interviewing and Interrogations, Homicide Investigation, and a variety of other courses. He developed the Houston Police department’s Interview and Interrogation training, Advanced Interviewing, The Basic Investigator’s School and developed the Houston Police Recruiter’s Interview school.

So we reached out to Sgt. Harris to ask what signs and signals of guilt that he looks for when interrogating someone.

1. Hair Gestures – Sgt. Harris notes that people who play with

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Former NFL Player Named Suspect In Murdered Wife’s Brutal Stabbing

Anthony Darnel McClanahan, former NFL Dallas Cowboys player, has been named as the primary suspect in the death of his wife Keri “KC” McClanahan. Keri had been found dead on Thursday after a “ruckus” was reported in her Park City, Utah hotel room.

According to the Salt Lake TribuneKeri was found with knife wounds in her throat. 

Homicide charges have not officially been filed against Anthony. The case will be screened by the Summit County Attorney’s Office early next week.

Testimony from Keri’s sister, Heather Gauf, indicates that the two had allegedly had a turbulent relationship filled with domestic violence. Keri had attempted to flee from Anthony at least twice. She had returned to Arizona with her husband both times. Keri had also gone to Gauf in Utah for refuge.

Gauf claims that Anthony blamed his behavior on the injuries he suffered while playing football.

“She was such an amazing mother

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‘Criminal Confessions’ Detective Reveals the Secret to Making a Suspect Confess (EXCLUSIVE)

Oxygen’s new docuseries Criminal Confessions explores the psychological face-off between investigators and suspects inside the interrogation room. In each hour-long episode, viewers hear from real-life detectives, who explain what it takes to get a culprit to finally admit to their crime. Sgt. Brian Harris of Houston, TX — who appears on the show — spoke exclusively with In Touch and revealed the secret to a successful confession.

“The biggest challenge is developing a story to help the person have that ‘Aha!’ moment in a way that will let them see that it is to their advantage to make an admission. It is always a self- serving admission,” Brian told us. “You have to keep in mind I never make them do anything; it is always their choice and that is what is so powerful about their own words.”

He added, “Any admission or any confession is verbal suicide.

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Killer Clown Suspect’s Husband Says She’s Been ‘Falsey Accused’ Of His Ex’s Murder

Police made an arrest in the infamous “clown killer” case, detaining Sheila Keen Warren on September 27 for allegedly shooting a woman on her doorstep while dressed as a clown – but her now-husband says she had nothing to do with the death of his first wife.

Michael Warren said police are falsely accusing his second wife, Sheila, of killing his first wife, Marleen Warren. Michael told ABC news, “This is very serious and very unfair.”

In 1990, Marleen and her son said they saw a white sedan pull into their driveway in Virginia. Marleen answered the door, and found an individual dressed as a clown carrying balloons. The person set down the balloons and pulled out a gun, shooting Marleen in the face and killing her.

The 27-year-old case had gone cold until news of Michael and Sheila’s marriage made its way to police. Investigators said Sheila was considered a suspect in

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Police To Question New Suspect in Delphi Murders | Crime Time

Police arrested a person of interest in the unsolved murders of two Delphi teens last week, police confirmed Friday as their search for the attacker continues.

Daniel Nations, 31, was homeless and living under bridges in Morgan County — the same area Abby Williams and Libby German went missing on February 14. Williams and German’s bodies were found near Monon High Bridge, in an area about 1.5 hours from where Nations was living at the time.  

German and Williams’ family dropped them off in the area for a hike near Deer Creek on February 13, who were 13 and 14 at the time, respectively. Their family became worried when the girls did not return from their hike at the time they’d agreed upon. Their bodies were found the next day about a mile away from where they’d been dropped off. Police have yet to release information on how the girls were

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Holly Bobo’s Brother Speaks Out On Being Named Suspect In Her Murder: ‘I Was Shocked’

The brother of Holly Bobo, the 20-year-old nursing student who was abducted and killed in 2011, spoke in an interview with ABC News about his later terror of seeing his sister abducted and how police initially named him a suspect in her disappearance.

“It was really hard knowing that if they’re looking in the wrong direction… it’s just that feeling of, ‘What if we never know? What if we … never find Holly?’” Clint Bobo told “20/20.” “I was just like, ‘What if this is never solved?’ I think that’s been my worst nightmare in this.”

Holly was abducted from the Bobo’s Tennessee home on April 13. That morning, Clint, then 25, got a call from his mother saying that a neighbor had heard a scream coming from their house. She asked him to check on Holly.

Clint looked out the window and saw a man dressed in camouflage walking with his

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Everything We Know About The Suspect In Missing Temple University Student’s Death

A Pennsylvania man was charged in the death of a Temple University student on Sunday, after her remains were found on property belonging to the suspect’s grandmother, People magazine reports.

Joshua Hupperterz, 29, was charged with the murder of Jenna Burleigh, 22, who had transferred to Temple only the week before. Hupperterz and Burleigh were seen last leaving a bar together at 2 am on Thursday, police said.

Hupperterz, a former Temple student, admitted to “elements of the crime,” said Philadelphia Police Captain John Ryan to reporters on Saturday night, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

During an interview, police noticed scratches on his face and cuts on his hands, which he claimed to have obtained after he injured his hand on a broken bowl.

Police allegedly found blood—as well as copious amounts of drugs and cash—in Hupperterz’s Philadelphia home, where police claim Burleigh was killed before her body was transported to the home

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Suspect In Death Of Missing Pregnant Woman, Kidnapping Of Newborn Allegedly Told Boyfriend ‘This Is Our Baby’

New disturbing allegations have emerged in the case of a North Dakota couple charged in the death of their pregnant neighbor who went missing on August 19.

The body of 22-year-old Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind was found Sunday evening by kayakers. She was located in the Red River, which borders North Dakota and Minnesota, “heavily wrapped in plastic and duct tape” and stuck to a log.

Three days earlier, police found a baby in the apartment of LaFontaine-Greywind’s neighbors, 32-year-old William Henry Hoehn and a 38-year-old Brooke Lynn Crews. Police believe the newborn girl belonged to LaFontaine-Greywind.

According to the court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Hoehn told police he found Crews cleaning up blood in the bathroom upon coming home August 19. Crews was also holding a newborn girl. She allegedly told him, “This is our baby, this is our family.”

An ABC affiliate reports that Crews claimed she

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Prime Suspect Arrested In Connection To Disappearance Of Veteran Chase Massner

The prime suspect in the disappearance and death of U.S. Army veteran, Chase Massner, has been caught.

According to Crime Online, authorities in Dekalb County caught Brad Clement in a grocery store parking lot yesterday in the pouring rain.

Clement was caught by a U-Haul van he reportedly rented under a fake name. When he failed to turn the truck in, the Fugitive Unit followed the lead. They apprehended the suspect barefoot.

Earlier this month, human remains were found behind the house shared by Massner and Clement. Massner went missing over three years ago. 

Clement claimed he consoled Massner the night he disappeared, after the veteran had an argument with his wife. He denied any involvement in the disappearance, and claimed that somebody planted the body in the backyard. “I wasn’t there half the time! Everybody f******* knew that I had the whole house to myself and f****** all the media and everything was all on me

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