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Two Men Found Guilty Of Girl’s Murder One Of Them Rapped About: “Now The B*tch Lay On Some Ash Stone”

Two men were convicted over the weekend for the 2012 killing of a Toronto woman. An Ontario Superior Court jury found Dellen Millard and Mark Smich guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Laura Babcock, according to Canada’s CBC News. Among the evidence which helped convict them was a homemade video of Smich performing a rap: “”The bitch started off all skin and bone / Now the bitch lay on some ash stone / Last time I saw her was outside the home / And if you go swimming you can find her phone.” He later told friends the rap was based on truth. 

Millard and Smich are already serving life sentences for the 2013 murder of Tim Bosma, who they killed after going on a test drive with him in a truck he was trying to sell. Bosma’s remains were later found in an industrial incinerator on

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