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Convicted Sex Offender Re-Elected As Fire Chief Steps Down Amid Controversy

This week, Roger Gilbert Jr. made national headlines after he was re-elected as a small Pennsylvania town’s fire chief, despite the fact that Gilbert has been a registered sex offender, according to CBS Local. In 2001, Chief Gilbert was convicted of sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl.

Now, Gilbert has announced that he is stepping down amidst the controversy. He said that he and his family are receiving death threats.

Gilbert told JET 24, “My family and our community are being attacked. I didn’t want that to continue.  All I have done for 18 years is good things. But outsiders are tearing us up. I felt the best thing to do was back away.”

He’s not only resigning as the fire chief but from the fire department completely.

“It seems you can never do wrong and do good again.”

Gilbert, 43, was elected for a second term for the position, which is unpaid

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Celebrity Chef Steps Down After 25 Women Say They Were Sexually Harassed At His Company

Following a massive expose from the Times Picayune, celebrity chef John Besh has stepped down from his position at the Besh Restaurant Group. In the report, 25 women have come forward with claims about the sexual harassment they faced while working at the company.

Two of the 25 employees have specifically filed sexual discrimination and retaliation complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since December; the others say they faced harassment within both the company writ large and at individual restaurants operated by the company. The abuse ranged from non-consensual touching and inappropriate comments to threats made against female employees pertaining to their advancement within the company should they not comply with sexual demands. Those who complained about their treatment were insulted or ostracized.

“I saw this subtle violence that was in front of me,” says one victm. “I just accepted it because I thought it was okay. I thought

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