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Man Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Housemate After Workers Discover Human Skeleton Buried In Backyard

A man has been arrested after a skeleton surfaced in his backyard. According to CBS San Francisco, 22-year-old Michael Christopher Sager was arrested and taken into custody on Friday after his housemate’s buried bones were discovered.

According to Sacramento authorities, they believe that Sager fatally stabbed the roommate following a verbal argument in 2015. Workers who were renovating the house on Dundee Drive discovered the bones, which were an entire human skeleton, on December 26, 2017.

The victim is said to have been in his 20s, but no missing persons report was filed. No other information about the victim’s identity has been released, including the exact date of the killing, and the investigation is ongoing.

The house was vacant at the time, and no other remains have been found on the property. The homeowner, Dimas Velasquez, was renovating the home after the previous tenants were evicted in November for not paying rent and

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Teen In ‘Slenderman’ Stabbing Sentenced To 25 Years In Mental Health Facility

One of the two Wisconsin teens responsible for the “Slenderman” stabbing has been ordered to spend the next 25 years in a state mental hospital, a judge decided on Thursday.

CNN reported that Anissa Weier, 16, will have to spend at least three years inside Winnebago Mental Health Institute before there is any chance of her being discharged. Then, after that, it is possible for her to be released into outpatient care. Weier’s lawyer, Maura McMahon, is hoping for that future.

“If she is continuing on doing well, taking any medication that is required, meeting with her therapist […] I’m hoping going to college, getting a job, all the wonderful things that she wants to do, she’ll remain out of custody but being supervised by her agent,” she said.

The teenager took a plea deal earlier this year, pleading guilty attempted second-degree homicide due to mental illness.

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Woman Arrested For Shooting 2-Year-Old Son To Death Before Stabbing Herself

A mother from Buckeye, Arizona allegedly shot her 2-year-old son to death before trying to commit suicide with a knife. Alyssa Pettibone, 26, was arrested on Monday for the second-degree murder of her son Hudson Pettibone. Buckeye police spokeswoman Tamela Skaggs told Fox News that the toddler was shot once. He died on the scene, Buckeye police said in a press release.

After allegedly shooting her son, The Associated Pressreported that the mother then tried to shoot herself with the same gun, but it didn’t work out. The bullet was reportedly loaded backwards. So instead, Pettibone allegedly tried killing herself with a knife.

On Friday, someone called 911 to report a shooting at Pettibone’s household, a home she shared with her parents and her son, Fox News reported. When police arrived they made the grim discovery of the shot toddler. They transferred his mother to a hospital when they saw her

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Former NFL Player Named Suspect In Murdered Wife’s Brutal Stabbing

Anthony Darnel McClanahan, former NFL Dallas Cowboys player, has been named as the primary suspect in the death of his wife Keri “KC” McClanahan. Keri had been found dead on Thursday after a “ruckus” was reported in her Park City, Utah hotel room.

According to the Salt Lake TribuneKeri was found with knife wounds in her throat. 

Homicide charges have not officially been filed against Anthony. The case will be screened by the Summit County Attorney’s Office early next week.

Testimony from Keri’s sister, Heather Gauf, indicates that the two had allegedly had a turbulent relationship filled with domestic violence. Keri had attempted to flee from Anthony at least twice. She had returned to Arizona with her husband both times. Keri had also gone to Gauf in Utah for refuge.

Gauf claims that Anthony blamed his behavior on the injuries he suffered while playing football.

“She was such an amazing mother

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Woman Accused Of Setting Boyfriend’s House On Fire Over A Teddy Bear And Stabbing A Deputy

A woman from Edgewater, Florida allegedly stabbed an off-duty deputy, who tried to de-escalate a fight between her and her ex-boyfriend after she set his house on fire over a teddy bear. Brittany Bonin, 26, is now facing assault, battery and arson charges, according to WFTV.

Bonin visited her ex-boyfriend’s house in an attempt to retrieve a teddy bear she gave to his 18-month-old baby. Somehow, that led to a fight. The victim ran to his neighbor’s house, which belonged off-duty deputy Captain Cliff Williams, for help. At that point, the victim’s house was already in flames. According to WFTV, Williams tried to protect the victim from Bonin but ended up getting stabbed in his lower back in the process.

“It just goes to show you are never truly off duty,”Sheriff Mike Chitwood said of the deputy and former Marine. “He took a knife wound that was meant for someone else

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Man Caught Stabbing Woman In Porta Potty After Leaving Trail Of Blood All The Way Back To His House

A woman was found face down and fatally stabbed inside a Delaware porta-potty earlier this month. A trail of blood led police to a nearby apartment belonging to a man who is now being charged with her murder.

The suspect, Timothy Jones, was convicted of stabbing another woman over 13 year ago, according to Delaware Online. He was recently released on probation for that crime.

“Jones plead guilty in New Castle County Superior Court on April 7, 2005, to three charges and served 11 years in prison,” a document obtained by The News Journal, states.

Now, Jones is accused of stabbing 31-year-old Rashawna Weathers to death. She was found face down on the portable toilet floor, located in a park, according to a court document. Police who arrived on the scene discovered a trail of blood, which led to Jones’ apartment.  Two days after the murder, police also saw Jones walking near

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Arby’s Employee Arrested For Stabbing Manager John Price | Crime …

Family members of a suburban Chicago fast food restaurant manager who was stabbed to death last week were seeking answers at the scene, where they said police had not yet told them how or why he was killed. Autopsy results have since been released, but some questions still remain. 

John Price, 35, was working the overnight shift at Arby’s in Hickory Hills, where he has worked for five years, when he was killed. The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined on Friday Price died from multiple sharp-force injuries and ruled the death a homicide. An Arby’s employee, Irvin Thomas, 26, is being charged with first-degree murder for the stabbing and will appear in court Tuesday. Police found Thomas at his residence, where he was taken into custody.

Though police have now updated family and the public, details surrounding Price’s death were unclear in the hours after his alleged murder. 

“My sister needs

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44-Year-Old Man Found Guilty Of Brutally Stabbing Teen Wife To Death In College Bathroom

Armando Perez admitted to fatally stabbing his estranged wife, Diana Gonzalez, in a restroom in San Diego. According to Time, he thanked the jury at his trial.

Perez was convicted of first-degree murder and a special-circumstance allegation of lying in wait. He potentially faces life in prison.

Perez had showed up to his 19-year-old wife’s college class in October of 2010. Her parents, fearing her husband’s violence, had come to pick her up from the City College. A confrontation between Gozales and Perez ensued, during which the former slashed the latter in the face, chest, neck, and genitals. He continued to mutilate her body after she died.

Perez claimed he was driven to murder after seeing Gozales kissing another man outside of class.

“It was me but I just became a monster. I don’t know what happened,” Perez said from the stand. 

According to The San Diego Union Tribune, Gonazels had filed a restraining

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Teen In Brutal ‘Slenderman’ Stabbing Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge: ‘I Just Wanted It Over With’

One of the two Wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate as a sacrifice to the fictitious character and internet meme Slenderman pleaded guilty on Monday to lesser charges.

In 2014, Anissa Weier (left) and Morgan Geyser, both 12 at the time, lured 12-year-old Payton Leutner into the woods after a sleepover. Then, they stabbed her 19 times to impress Slenderman.

Weier, now 15, entered a plea on Monday to one count of second-degree homicide as an accomplice with use of a deadly weapon. It’s a lesser charge than her initial attempted first-degree intentional homicide charge.

“I believed that if I didn’t go through with it, Slenderman would come and attack and kill myself, my friends and my family,” Weier said in court on Monday, according to the Associated Press. “Those I cared about the most.”

The girl claimed she told Geyser that she didn’t want to stab Leutner.

“I just wanted it over

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Mom Tells 9-Year-Old She’s ‘Going To See Jesus’ Before Stabbing Her And Killing Family

A young girl survived a family massacre at the hands of her mother. Nine-year-old Diana Romero of Gwinnett County, Georgia is the only family member who lived after her mother, Isabel Martinez, stabbed her husband and four of her children.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Romero told authorities she saw her mother stab her family on July 6. She then turned to her and said she was “going to the sky to see Jesus.”  Romero cried and told her mother that she didn’t want to see Jesus, per the report by the state Division of Family and Children Services. 

Martinez faces five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault. She is accused of killing 33-year-old Martin Romero, 2-year-old Axel, 4-year-old Dillan, 7-year-old Dacota Romero and 10-year-old Isabela Martinez.

The welfare report includes an interview with Martinez in which she

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