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Woman Spends 27 Days In Jail Because She Couldn’t Pay $55 Fee

A mother from Colorado Springs spent 27 days in jail because she couldn’t pay a pretrial court processing fee of $55. According to the Denver Post, she was behind bars despite a judge’s order that she be released. Now, the mother, Jasmine Still, is suing.

On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado filed a lawsuit in  U.S. District Court in Denver. The lawsuit states that El Paso County spent $2,400 holding Still. The mother is seeking compensatory and consequential damages following her incarceration.

Still was arrested in January after being allegedly caught with 0.3 of a gram of methamphetamine. After her arrest, a judge decided she should be released on her own recognizance, the Denver Post reports. But, she wasn’t.

“Every day I was in jail, I thought there had to have been some kind of mistake. I didn’t think you could jail someone just because they were poor,” Still

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Man Fakes Terminal Cancer, Spends $23000 Donation Money On Video Games, Weed And Debt

A man from Faribault, Minnesota allegedly lied about having terminal cancer to collect donation money for “medical care.” Instead, he bought marijuana and the video game “Clash of Clans.” Investigators also claim he spent some of the $23,000 he received to pay down his credit card debt.

Last week, Jeremiah Jon Smith, 37, was charged with theft by swindle, according to CBS Minnesota. He pretended to have stage four cancer, with only months left to live, Fox59 reports.

“It is surprising,” said Rice County Attorney John Fossum. “I guess you don’t expect to see people pretend to have a disease to try and make money off of it.” The investigation into Smith’s theft began in May 2016 after police were tipped off about Smith’s fundraisers. He had several, including a GoFundMe page and a fundraiser held in a ballroom.

“I’m fairly confident that Mr. Smith was the only one that was

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Man Spends 3 Months In Jail After Police Mistake Drywall For Cocaine

A Florida man spent three months days in jail after officers mistook drywall dust in his car for cocaine.

“I know for a fact (that) it’s drywall because I’m a handyman,” Cashe told WFTV. “I said that continuously during the arrest stop.”

In March, police began pulled over Cashe for driving without headlights. The officer ran his license to find out that Cashe was on probation for drugs. Police accused him of violating curfew. Then, they searched his car with a K-9, and told him a field test came back positive for cocaine, according to Fox35.

“They say they found that on the seat and once they got that, they looked under the seat and found some crushed up whatever,” Cashe said.

Cashe was arrested and booked into jail, charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine, and violating his probation.

He was released from jail after lab results showed that there were no

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Real Estate CEO Spends Stolen Millions On Cocaine And Strippers

Rockie Gajwani, the former CEO of Trevi Retail, has admitted to one count of wire fraud and three counts of tax evasion in Manhattan federal court. Officials allege that he used some of the stolen money to buy cocaine for lavish binges at strip clubs. The stolen money amounted to around $2.4 million. About $1.6 mil of that was allegedly spent on drugs and other lascivious activities.

Gajwani had previously worked as an executive at Vornado Realty Trust before leaving for a job with Trevi Retail where he made upwards of $200 mil for the company. He was fired from his job in 2013 following suspicions about his behavior and business.

According to the New York Post, Gajwani had written himself checks and wired himself money from business accounts. His accounts often labeled his outings simply as “expenses.” One of these “expenses” allegedly included tickets for his whole family

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