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Meet The New ‘Cold Justice’ Detective Helping To Solve A 13-Year-Old Unsolved Murder Case

Cold Justice” has a new policewoman on the case. The series documenting cold cases is bringing a 26-year veteran from the Toledo Police Department, Tonya Rider, onto the show to help solve cold cases.

As the Toledo Blade shares, Rider joins former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and a rotating team of former and current law-enforcement officials who investigate murders and disappearances that have gone cold due to lack of resources and manpower.

“I knew I wanted to do it,” shares Rider about the opportunity after meeting Siegler. 

“We’re literally coming into town, putting our bags down, getting a good night’s sleep, and working the entire time, 12-14 hours days, for the entire time we’re there,” she explains of the investigative process on the show.

The cast has about eight to 10 days in each location to investigate and provide a theory of what happened. “It’s just getting the lay of the land within that short period of

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Join CrimeCon Cold Case Club And Solve The Real Cold Case Of Maura Murray

Do you love obsessing over cold cases? Do you spend countless hours debating your theories behind unsolved mysteries? Now there’s a place you can put on your amateur detective hat for real. Oxygen is partnering with the CrimeCon Cold Case Club to give fans like you the opportunity to work alongside our experts and investigators in uncovering new leads and theories to help solve real-life cases.

The first case follows the mysterious disappearance of nursing student Maura Murray. On February 9, 2004, Murray disappeared without a trace. The 21-year-old nursing student emptied her bank account and emailed her professors at University of Massachusetts and her employer requesting time off after death in her family. The death never occurred. That night, she crashed her car into a tree along a highway in New Hampshire. Witnesses called the police but by the time they showed up, the young woman was gone.

What happened to

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Concrete Slab Found In Home May Help Solve Mystery Of Woman Missing Since 1989

Police are testing a chunk of concrete found in a Pennsylvania home in hopes to solve a 1989 cold case.

FOX News reports that Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller announced forensic experts are testing the concrete slab to see if it contains any information on the disappearance of Barbara Elizabeth Miller (no relation to Tim Miller.)

Police have speculated that Barbara was killed and dismembered by a wood chipper. Preliminary tests on the slab, conducted earlier this month, revealed that it contained wood chips.

A forensic pathologist is “dissecting the walls, so to speak, piece by piece, hammer-and-chisel type, looking for the smallest of clues,” Tim Miller said last week. “Obviously the presence of wood chips in a concrete wall is highly suspicious.”

Police believe that Barbara may have been killed in 1989 by her former boyfriend and ex-cop, Mike Egan. Egan, now 59, still maintains his innocence. He has served time in

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New Blood Evidence May Help Solve Decades-Old Disappearance Of Toddler

Police found signs of blood on a toy car and sandal belonging to an English toddler who went missing in Greece 26 years ago, potentially confirming that the boy died in an accident at his grandparents’ farm in Kos, the BBC reports.

Ben Needham, who was 21 months old when he vanished in 1991, may have been crushed by a digger working at his grandparents’ home during renovations, police theorized last year after a three-week search of the land around the home. 

“Based on the facts and the information obtained, as previously stated it is still my professional belief that Ben died as a result of a tragic incident at the farmhouse involving heavy machinery,” said Detective Inspector Jon Cousins to the BBC.

But Ben’s mother, Kerry Needham, said that the discovery of the new evidence points to a “massive cover-up,” since the boy’s body was never found.

“It shows more of a

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These Disturbing Cold Cases Took Decades To Solve

According to NPRone out of three murder cases goes unsolved. But not cold cases are kept that way. With the influx of DNA evidence, technology and other resources, some unresolved cases do end up being closed; giving victims and their families one step towards closure. Cold Justice delves into cold cases and premieres on Oxygen on July 22nd at 8/7c. Here are cold cases that took not years, but decades to solve.

Grim Sleeper

Lonnie Franklin Jr.’s reign of terror began in South Los Angeles in the mid- ‘80s and spanned decades before he was caught with the help of DNA technology. Known as the Grim Sleeper (because of an alleged “break” he took from killing), Franklin was convicted last year for murdering 10 women and attempting to murder one more. However, authorities say he may have killed upwards of 25 women

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Exhumed Priest Corpse Could Solve Cold Case Of Murdered Nun

The exhumation of a Catholic priest’s body may help solve a decades old cold case murder of a nun.

According to CNN, the Baltimore County Police opened the grave of Rev. A. Joseph Maskell in February and took DNA samples from his corpse. The DNA is being checked against a DNA profile developed from evidence taken in 1970 from the decomposed body of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik. Her body had been found by a father and son who were out hunting. The 26-year-old nun had been missing for almost two months.

The current team of cold case detectives assigned to Cesnik’s case in 2016, began discussing the exhumation of Maskell almost immediately. However, according to the report, it took time to get proper authorization.

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