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Details Slowly Emerge About ‘Suspicious’ Deaths Of 4 People Found In New York Basement

Police are currently investigating a series of deaths that occurred in an apartment in Troy, New York (a city about 160 miles away from the state’s capital), after four bodies were discovered in the basement.

According to CNN, at about 1 PM on Tuesday, police responded to a call from a property manager who found the four unresponsive individuals. The identities of the dead have not yet been revealed; police are waiting to confirm with next-of-kin before names are released. A potential cause of death was not announced, and it is not known if the dead all belonged to the same family.

It isn’t yet known whether or not the deaths are part of a larger series of incidents, although Troy Police Capt. Dan DeWolf believes this to be a stand-alone situation. DeWolf urged residents in the area to remain cautious until the case is solved.

“Unfortunately, it’s horrible, terrible, sad, especially at this

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