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Florida Science Teacher Sent Nude Pics To 15-Year-Old Teen She Met On Xbox

A science teacher in Florida was arrested for sending nudes to a boy she met on Xbox One. According to Fox News, 27-year-old Robin Dunlap of Winter Haven knew that the 15-year-old was a teenager and still continued to exchange sexual conversations with him.

The two linked when Dunlap, a teacher at Haines City High School, says the boy from Texas posed as an older, 19-year-old young man, on Xbox One. The two then took their messages to the Kik app, which included text and video. It was the boy’s mother who saw his phone and informed Dunlap that the person she was talking to was 15 and underage.

Back in September, the teacher admitted that she sent the teen nudes. She turned herself in at the time. But authorities say that she continued carrying on the relationship after the fact of knowing his real age. When authorities checked Dunlap’s phone, they

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