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2 Men Allegedly Killed Stray Dog And Used Its Blood To Stage Crime Scene

Two men allegedly killed a stray dog to help stage a fake crime scene with a long-running enemy. According to WSAZ, 26-year-old Jeffrey Spence and 19-year-old Casey Spence used dog blood to help concoct a story about being attacked. They have been charged with first-degree assault, second-degree criminal trespassing and theft by unlawful taking or disposition a motor vehicle.

The incident began when authorities found a man named Fred Daniels hit on the head with a crowbar near his home in Tomahawk, Kentucky on Saturday morning. He had to have around 50 staples in his head. He said the assailants had stolen his truck after the attack.

Later that morning, the Spences claimed Daniels assaulted them at their home with a shotgun and that Casey used the crowbar in an act of self-defense. While searching the premises, authorities found blood everywhere in the home that was staged to look like Daniels’ blood and a hole

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Employee Caught Watching X-Rated Sex Scene In Background Of Live News Broadcast

A BBC News report was derailed when a viewers spotted a very NSFW image on-screen.

On Monday, “BBC News at Ten” fans saw what appears to be a sex scene on a screen behind broadcaster Sophie Raworth. The network is now investigating the incident.

A spokesperson tells Huffington Post UK, “We are establishing the facts and circumstances.”  The scene, which can be seen below, appears to be of a topless woman engaging in a sex scene. It’s unclear why the employee was watching it on a work computer.

As Daily Mail shares, Raworth was reporting a live piece on the England’s cricket team.

[Photo: YouTube]

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Suspected Semen Tosser Caught After Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

A Beaverton, Oregon man suspected of throwing semen on unsuspecting women was arrested Thursday in the parking lot of a store where a previous attack occurred. Portland’s KOIN reports detectives were conducting a follow-up investigation at a local Safeway store when they noticed a man fitting the suspect’s description sitting in a car similar to the one described by victims. They arrested 47-year-old Manuel Banuelos-Alcala at the scene and charged him with two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Portland police released photos of the suspect and his car last week following a semen-throwing incident in the same store that Wednesday. A police spokesman said Banuelos-Alcala is suspected of similar behavior at three other area grocery stores, according to The Oregonian newspaper. In fact, they even fear he may have spread his bodily fluid on another unsuspecting victim in that same Safeway, mere moments before his arrest.

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