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Why The Mysterious Shooting Of Robert Blake’s Wife Is Still Unsolved Over 15 Years Later

Robert Blake kicked off his impressive acting career as a child, starring in “Our Gang.” As an adult, he starred in movies like “In Cold Blood” and “Town Without Pity.” Decades later, he was arrested for murder.

In 2001, Blake’s second wife Bonnie Lee Bakley was murdered. After the couple dined in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, Bakley got into their car. Blake claimed he ran back to the restaurant to pick up a gun he left behind. When he returned to the car, according to Blake, he found his wife shot to death. The gun that Blake picked up at the restaurant was not the same gun used to kill his wife.

Prosecutors accused him of being the mastermind of her death, claiming he wanted out of their marriage, according to ABC News. He pleaded not guilty and was acquitted of her murder in 2005.

Overwhelmed with

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Lawsuit Says NYPD Helped Cover Up Robert Durst’s Role In His Wife’s Murder

Robert Durst, the subject of the controversial HBO docu-series “The Jinx,” is once again the subject of scrutiny as new reports emerge about the corrupt collusion between the NYPD and the wealthy real estate scion. Court documents now show that the police may have been involved in covering up certain facts in the murder of Durst’s first wife.

“The Jinx” aired in 2015 and explored the vast net of conspiracies that Durst may have been involved in, ultimately leading to the capture of a confession from Durst on a hot mic. Now, two years later, a law firm hired by the family of the late Kathie Durst is accusing the NYPD and an ex-cop of covering up Robert’s role in Kathie’s death.

Kathie had gone missing in 1982 and was declared dead a year later. The suit, filed on Thursday by a firm representing Kathie’s kin, says that former

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Ex Hugo Boss Model Robert Reagan Sentenced For GF’s Murder …

Robert Reagan, a 53-year-old former Hugo Boss model, has been found guilty of second-degree murder. He’s been sentenced to 16 years to life in prison for the death of Loredana Nesci, a reality TV star and the subject of the show “Loredana, Esq.”

Reagan and Nesci were in a relationship and had one 5-year-old son together. The child was home during the murder. Reagan later called Nesci’s sister to pick him up in the five hours between the murder and when he called the police.

Reagan had been found guilty in August and was described by People as stoic by Deputy District Attorney Allyson Ostrowski: “When the jury left, he cried a little bit.”

“I think there was overwhelming evidence in the case and it was the right verdict,” said Ostrowski. “I am very grateful for the jury. I am glad she can rest in peace.”

Ostrowski noted that the couple were on the verge of breaking up

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Juror In Robert Durst Case Remembers Her "Not Guilty" Verdict

In 2015, Manhattan real estate magnate Robert Durst was caught on tape professing, “I killed them all.” But in 2003, a jury found him not guilty for killing his neighbor Morris Black in self-defense. The verdict was shocking; as Durst admitted to the murder and and throwing the victim’s dismembered body parts in Galveston Bay, TX. In The Jury Speaks (airing at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25), jurors Deborah Warren, Robbie NelsonJoanne GongoraAlice Walker, Elridge Darby and Glenda Brents speak out about their controversial ruling.

“I had never been [on a jury] and really didn’t think I would get chosen. And I didn’t know what to expect,” shares Robbie Nelson. Then 33 years old, Nelson was surprised by the wide-ranging screening questions she was asked before joining the jury, from her educational background to her idealogical stance. “I don’t remember if they asked us, if we were for or against the death penalty. Something tells me they asked

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