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19-Year-Old Accused Of Robbing, Shooting Boyfriend To Death On New Year’s Eve

A Texas teen allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve while she was attempting to rob him, ABC News reported. Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, 19, was charged with murder in the early morning for the death of Joshua McKinney, also 19, whom she had recently begun dating.

Police claim that Ramirez took multiple guns from McKinney and said she would only return them if he paid her $2,000. When the couple met in the street at about 4:30 AM on Sunday, according to a witness, McKinney was able to put Ramirez in a neck hold and hold a gun to her head. The witness ran to call 911, and upon returning found that Ramirez had apparently escape the hold and shot McKinney.

Another witness claimed to see Ramirez attempting to move McKinney’s body after the shooting. Ramirez, who was shot in the shoulder during the struggle, claimed that she fired in self-defense

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Burglar In Santa Outfit Caught On Video Robbing Homes | Crime Time

Santa Claus is known for bringing holiday cheer, but apparently this burglary suspect didn’t get the memo. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, authorities are seeking the public’s help in nabbing a man caught on video robbing homes while wearing a Santa hat and scarf.  

The man was spotted in Studio City area of Los Angeles. He knocked on the front door or rang the doorbell of several homes. When no one answered, he would go to the back of the residences and break a rear door or window to enter.

The intruder then stole money, jewelry and even weapons from the homes inside. Instead of having his trusty reindeers and sleigh to escape, the bad Santa suspect had a getaway driver waiting in a dark sedan.

The video below shows the burglar in action:

“I have no idea why someone would do that unless they have a weird sense of humor, but that’s

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Man Shoots Himself In The Penis While Robbing Hot Dog Stand, Then Calls 911 For Help

A man accidentally shot himself in the groin while robbing a hot dog stand on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reports. Terrion Pouncy, 19, allegedly robbed the Original Maxwell Street Polish at gunpoint, demanding money from the register and an employee’s wallet and cellphone, according to a criminal complaint. As Pouncy fled, he put the .38-caliber pistol in his pants. As he did, the gun went off, shooting him in the thigh and penis area.

Pouncy called 911, stating he’d been shot. At the same time, employees from the hot dog stand dialed 911 about the robbery.

Officers later found Pouncy near a car wash, where he called 911 to say he had been shot, according to WSMV. Around the same time, employees had also called the police to report the robbery.

As of Thursday, Pouncy remained hospitalized for his injuries. He was not

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Family Allegedly Held At Gunpoint Until Police Realize They Aren’t Robbing Their Own Home

Police allegedly held two medical professionals and their children at gunpoint in Mississippi before determining that the family wasn’t in the act of robbing their own house, The Sun Herald reported.

“I totally think they racially profiled me,” said the father, Kelvin Fairley, who is black and a registered nurse. “They never would even tell me why they stopped me. From the moment they pulled us over, there were six to seven police cars. They immediately had their guns drawn.”

A neighbor had called police after seeing the family, believing that the group was robbing a house.

The officers allegedly asked Fairley to exit the car and put his hands up. When Fairley asked why the police had pulled him over, he claimed, the police allegedly gave him no explanation.

Fairley tried to show the police his identification, he said, which would have shown that his address matched the house in front of

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