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Will ‘Bachelor’ Stars Corinne And DeMario Jackson Face Each Other At Reunion? Here’s What We Know

This season of “Bachelor In Paradise” has courted controversy following the decision to halt production after questions were raised about one contestant’s ability to consent during an intoxicated sexual encounter.

Warner Bros. had investigated the situation and found no misconduct had occurred, leading many to wonder whether the two castmates involved, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, would return to the series. Now, reports from TMZ suggest that both Olympios and Jackson did, in fact, come back for the reunion — but they never met face to face.

Both contestants had flip-flopped on whether or not they’d be returning for the reunion, but sources now confirm they have both gotten on board with the show’s plans.

That being said, TMZ sources suggest that although Chris Harris has insinuiated that a confrontation between Corinne and DeMario occurs during the show (with Harris himself supposedly acting as referee), in reality, the host has two separate conversations with each

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