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Police Fire On Rappers Using Prop Guns In Music Video Shoot

Police opened fire on a rap group who were using fake guns as props during a video shoot in Detroit on Saturday.

According to MLive, two men sitting in a black Jeep with no doors pointed their prop guns at officers during a music video shoot. Police believed the men were robbing the occupants of an Aston Martin, a British sports car. The people in the Aston Martin turned out to be actors.

Detroit Police Sgt. Adam Madera told MLive that the bullets didn’t hit anyone. The two rappers were arrested for illegal possession of “facsimile firearm” and their names have not been identified. Madera said he didn’t know why the guns were pointed at police. He said that anyone using imitation firearms must seek permits from the city and notify police at the precinct in which they plan to film.


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