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More Than $20K Raised For 4-Month-Old Baby Who Was Dragged From Bed And Attacked By Raccoon

Over $20,000 has been raised for the family of a 4-month-old girl who was attacked by a raccoon inside her home. Ashley Rodgers of Philadelphia said her baby was viciously attacked on Wednesday inside the family’s studio apartment, The Associated Press reported. The family had just moved into the home days prior.

“My daughter was laying on the bed sleeping and I went to take my son to the bathroom. We heard a sound upstairs and we see a raccoon run down the steps,” Rodgers recalled to CBS Philadelphia. “When I finally got to her, she was laying on the floor so it had dragged her off the bed, across the room, and she was bleeding and crying and her whole face was red.”

The baby girl, Journi Black, had to undergo four hours of surgery as a result of the attack, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She

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