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Man Allegedly Forced Stepdaughter To Eat Cat Food, Drink Detergent As Punishment

A stepdad from Gwinnett County, Georgia reportedly tortured a teen girl in his care, beating her severely and forcing her to consume detergent and cat food. Rimmon H. Lewis has been charged with 15 counts of first-degree cruelty to children, four counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated stalking, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

In March, Lewis’ then-13-year-old stepdaughter was covered in bruises, prompting a staff member at her school to contact authorities. Lewis was arrested in April.

According to WSBTV, Gwinnett County Police initially charged Lewis and the victim’s mother, Angela Strothers, each with one count of abuse, but  prosecutors added more charges to the couple after looking further into the case, which led to another indictment in November.

According to Lewis’ indictment paperwork, the teen girl was routinely locked up in her family’s laundry room. While they ate decent meals, she was fed scraps and sometimes worse.

“There were times she was

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Couple Accused Of Letting 6-Year-Old Son Starve To Death As ‘Punishment’

An Illinois couple allegedly starved their 6-year-old son to death as punishment. The boy weighed just 17 pounds when he died of malnutrition last week, according to documents from the Jersey County, Illinois State’s Attorney obtained by People.

Police determined that the victim was “deprived of food by their father and stepmother as a form of punishment,” a police statement said. The parents, father Michael Roberts and stepmother Georgena Roberts, both 42, are also accused of starving the victim’s 7-year-old sibling. In all, six children lived with the Roberts.

Last week, Michael and Georgena were charged with first-degree murder and two counts each of endangering the life and health of a child. The Washington Post reports that the parents allegedly spent nearly two years withholding food from the boy.

Both parents are being held on bail set at $500,000 apiece. It is unclear if either has attorneys who can speak on

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Woman Allegedly Shaved Daughters’ Heads, Beat Them As Punishment For Eating Ice Cream

A young Idaho mom of four allegedly beat her children and shaved her daughters’ heads as punishment after they ate a tub of ice cream, the New York Post reported.

Priscilla Zapata, 26, reportedly told her relatives she “lost it” after discovering her kids had eaten the ice cream in July. And one of her two daughters told relatives that her mother had pushed her face into the ice cream, beat her, shoved her into a wall and bit her, according to court documents.

She was hit “everywhere” and hurt “all day,” the girl reportedly told police.

Zapata’s other daughter reportedly told police that her mother choked her so firmly that she was nearly lifted off the ground. This daughter told police that she feared her mother would kill her.

Zapata shaved the girls’ heads in punishment, according to court documents, and one of the girls kept quiet out of fear of additional

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Man Charged For Chasing 6-Year-Old Daughter Around With Clown Mask As Punishment

A man in Boardman, Ohio has been charged with child endangering and inducing panic after a bizarre incident over the weekend. He allegedly chased his 6-year-old daughter around their neighborhood while wearing a clown mask, an act that resulted in another man firing off a gun.

According to CBS affiliate WKBN-TV, police said that Vernon Barrett Jr. was chasing his daughter while wearing a clown mask to discipline her for behavioral issues. Police said the girl fled from her masked father and jumped into a stranger’s car while screaming that a clown was chasing her. After that, she ran into a stranger’s apartment and asked the home’s family if she could stay with them because a clown was chasing her. Dion Santiago, a member of that family, later told police he looked out the window and saw Barrett Jr., wearing the clown mask, standing outside of the building. Santiago then

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