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German Serial Killer Nurse May Have Killed At Least 100 People

A German nurse already convicted for killing two of his patients is now suspected of killing 102 people, a total that would make him the deadliest serial killer in Germany since the Nazis.

Niels Hoegel, who currently serving a life sentence for the two deaths he was convicted for, reportedly admitted to deliberately injecting his patients with toxic amounts of a cardiovascular medicine and then trying to revive them, in order to seem heroic, Reuters reported. Of course, many of the alleged resuscitations failed.

Police said in August that the nurse said could not remember all the details of his behavior, resulting in them exhuming the remains of 134 people in order to re-examine how they died.

Now, police said that they believe the suspect killed 100 people at two clinics in northern Germany between 1999 and 2005, in addition to the two deaths for which he was already convicted, Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/german-serial-killer-nurse-may-have-killed-at-least-100-people

Nurse Allegedly Performed Exorcism On Seizing Inmate Instead Of Seeking Medical Help

Linda Herlong Jackson, a nurse in Oklahoma City, has been banned from the Oklahoma County Jail after allegedly performing an exorcism on an inmate instead of seeking actual medical assistance. The inmate died the next day.

According to The Huffington Post, the inmate, Amanda Lynette Freeman, had been arrested on drug charges. When she began having seizures, Jackson was called in to administer medical aid. Jackson reportedly asked employees of the jail if they would mind if she performed an exorcism.

“I revoke you demons,″ Jackson allegedly yelled during the ordeal, before a sheriff’s lieutenant demanded the ritual be stopped. The next day, Freeman reportedly died of an acute coronary event due to methamphetamine use.

Jackson had been an employee of Armor Correctional Health Services, which contracts with the jail, meaning she could not technically be fired by law officials. Instead, Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor banned her from the premises, according to The Oklahoman.

“It’s our position

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/nurse-allegedly-performed-exorcism-on-seizing-inmate-instead-of-seeking-medical-help

Utah Police Officer Fired For Roughing Up, Arresting Nurse Who Was Just Doing Her Job

The Salt Lake City police detective, Jeff Payne, who was caught on video aggressively arresting a nurse who was trying to protect an unconscious patient has been fired. Additionally, his watch commander James Tracy was demoted from lieutenant to officer, according to the Washington Post.

The actions were taken after internal review by the Salt Lake City Police Department was conducted. That review concluded that Payne and Tracey violated department policy.

“I have lost faith and confidence in your ability to continue to serve as a member of the Salt Lake City Police Department,” Chief Mike Brown stated in a termination letter to Payne. That letter was published by the Deseret News. “I am deeply troubled by your lack of sound, professional judgment and your discourteous, disrespectful and unwarranted behavior, which unnecessarily escalated a situation that could and should have been resolved in a manner far different from the course

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/utah-police-officer-fired-for-roughing-up-arresting-nurse-who-was-just-doing-her-job

Woman Who ‘Proudly’ Stabbed Nurse 21 Times Is Up For Parole After Just 1 Year In Jail

A woman who stabbed her victim 21 times is already up for parole.

As KXAN reports, 20-year-old Pearl Moen was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted murder. She stabbed her victim, a woman identified as Katie, in Austin’s Hyde Park in November 2015. 

The victim is shocked. “I felt as though I deserved at least five years of not having to think about this,” said Katie.

In 2016, a diary entry was uncovered in which Moen appeared happy with her act. “I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today – technically yesterday since it’s 1 a.m.,” the diary read, per the arrest affidavit. “It was absolutely fantastic. Murder gives me a high unlike any other.” 

The reason for her quick parole is because attempted murder is not considered a “3G offense,” or, a very violent crime that usually involves a weapon. Those that are serving time for non-3G offenses are eligible for

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/woman-who-proudly-stabbed-nurse-21-times-is-up-for-parole-after-just-1-year-in-jail

Cop Who Violently Arrested Nurse In Viral Video Was Previously Under Fire For ‘Severe’ Sexual Harassment

The Utah officer caught on video aggressively arrested nurse for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient back in July, was previously disciplined for sexually harassing a female co-worker.

According to the Associated Press, an internal affairs investigations by Salt Lake City police have confirmed allegations that Detective Jeff Payne harassed a fellow employee in a “severe and persistent” way back in 2013. That harassment consisted of unwanted physical contact and a disparaging email.

Payne also faced a vehicle-chase complaint from the Utah Highway Patrol in 1995. That resulted in a two-week suspension without pay, according to records. In that incident, the officer who spent 27 years with the police department “violated the police code of ethics on cooperation with other officers and courtesy toward other agencies,” according to documents.

Payne’s discipline history was released after the Associated Press and other media outlets requested a public-records request.

The nurse who was arrested,

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/cop-who-violently-arrested-nurse-in-viral-video-was-previously-under-fire-for-severe-sexual

Nurse Admits Filming 8 Female Patients Getting Undressed After 17-Year-Old Catches Him Recording Her

A male nurse in Pennsylvania has admitted to secretly taping female patients while they undressed. According to People45-year-old James Close has pled guilty to 48 charges including three dozen charges of invasion of privacy.

The former Penn Medicine nurse secretly recorded female patients, including a 17-year-old, while at the Bucks County dermatology office. 

“I think it is a step toward closure,” said Robert J. Mongeluzzi, a lawyer for three of the victims, on Friday. “Obviously, there was a system failure in how an institution could have put a male nurse in a situation with females unsupervised.”

Close was charged in February. The teen patient discovered Close’s phone on the floor as she was in a private light-therapy booth. On the screen, she saw the reflection of her naked body. 

When authorities took his iPhone, they found 18 videos of seven other female patients between the ages of 20 and 70. 

Close’s sentencing has been deferred pending a sex-offender evaluation. His lawyer says

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/nurse-confesses-to-filming-8-female-patients-getting-undressed-after-17-year-old-catches-him

Donna Scrivo: Nurse Mom Who Murdered, Dismembered Mentally Ill Son, Ramsay, Subject Of Tonight’s ‘Snapped’

Moms are supposed to love and protect their children no matter what. And that desire to protect doesn’t end after they become adults. But in the case of Donna Scrivo, a successful nurse in Michigan, she killed and dismembered her adult mentally ill son and left his body in garbage bags on a snowy rural road. Her story will make tonight’s Snapped on the Oxygen Network. On Snapped’s show, titled Donna Scrivo, St. Clair Shores police detectives Jay Cohoe and Margaret Eidt will lay out the case. Former acquaintances of Donna Scrivo will also discuss aspects of the story.

St. Clair Shores Dismembered Body Found In Bags

In 2014, police were called out to a rural road in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, where a body was reported to have been found in garbage bags by two women driving along the road. They told police that they believed it was road

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