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Local author digs deep into historical mysteries

Author Cheryl Honigford at the Chicago Literary Fest signing copies of her novel The Darkness Knows, and displaying an advance copy of her new novel Homicide for the Holidays was released Oct. 10 (Submitted/The Report).

By Sandra Landen Machaj

When we read a work of published writing, we often think that the author is someone special, unlike the everyday people living in our neighborhood with a family and a full time job.

In reality, most authors are special, but they also may be our next door neighbor, who like you, spend their days caring for their family and working a full time job.

It is after these everyday responsibilities are complete, that they begin to write. Many retire to their computer to make the magic words that will become their next work appear on the screen.

One such author is Cheryl Honigford, an Antioch resident.

By day, Honigford

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4 ‘Facts’ Movies Made You Believe About Famous Crime Mysteries That Are Completely False

Fictionalized versions of real-life crime stories often exaggerate or stylize true stories for the sake of drama, but sometimes, the true facts of a case get so distorted by moviemakers that it becomes difficult to tell truth from fiction.

We’re here to sort out some of the biggest things the movies got wrong about very real crimes.

1. Ed Gein never used a chainsaw.

The iconic horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” purports to be a depiction of real-life events, but the story of the movie greatly embellishes the actual crimes of serial killer Ed Gein.

While it is true Gein cannibalized his victims and preserved their body parts as keepsakes, pretty much everything else in the film is totally made up: even the eponymous detail of the chainsaw.

2. Zodiac’s infamous phone call went much differently in real life.

In Fincher’s “Zodiac” film, a person who claims to be the mysterious serial killer calls into

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Fall 2017 Announcements: Mysteries & Thrillers

Major authors deliver a number of highly anticipated books this season, while talented newcomers demonstrate the enduring strength of the mystery/thriller genre with impressive first novels.

Top 10


Andy Weir. Crown, Nov. 14

Weir follows up his bestselling debut, The Martian, with another science fiction thriller, this one set on the first and only city on the moon.

Bluebird, Bluebird

Attica Locke. LB/Mulholland, Sept. 12

Edgar-finalist Locke launches her first series with a timely thriller. Black Texas Ranger Darren Matthews investigates two racially charged murders in a small Texas town.

The Cuban Affair

Nelson DeMille. Simon Schuster, Sept. 19

For his 20th novel, bestseller DeMille surprises readers with a new character and a new setting. In the fall of 2015, a beautiful woman persuades Key West charter boat captain Daniel “Mac” MacCormick to travel to Cuba on a dangerous mission.

Glass Houses

Louise Penny. Minotaur, Aug.

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