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5 Of The Most Notorious Pairs Of Murderers From ‘Snapped: Killer Couples’

Criminal couples like Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow have long captivated public attention, and their series of murders, rapes and robberies have left us equally disturbed. From human sacrifices to deadly acts of sexual sadism, the notorious partners featured in Oxygen’s “Snapped: Killer Couples” have all taken their devotion to twisted extremes. Whether they committed crimes out of love, passion or jealousy, these are five of the most disturbing duos in the history of “Snapped: Killer Couples.”

1. Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood

Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood, also known as “The Lethal Lovers,” met in 1986 at the Alpine Manor nursing home, where they both worked as nurses’ aids. The two women quickly became a couple and started smothering elderly patients as part of a love pact, according to the New York Times. According to Wood’s testimony, Graham suffocated a

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Video Shows Suspected Murderers’ ‘Rehearsed’ Reactions To Finding Out Woman’s Ex Is Dead

Valerie McDaniel and Leon Jacob were arrested earlier this year after their involvement in a failed murder-for-hire plot was discovered by police, according to People. Now, newly released footage of the couple being told about the death of McDaniel’s ex shows the pair’s suspected staged reactions.

“Oh my God,” says Jacob on camera. “We have been here all night. We were here all day with their daughter and we were watching movies. I never met him except for once.”

Police found Jacob’s insistence on immediately establishing an alibi suspicious: “What he wants to do is … let us know right away it is not him,” said Houston detective Frank Quinn. “And then feigns that surprise. It was all rehearsed in my opinion.”

McDaniel would later be released from arrest on $55,000 bail. The day before she was scheduled to appear in court, she jumped from the seventh floor of a building and

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