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The 10 Best True Crime Shows And Movies From 2017

The true crime revival has been a much-publicized phenomenon, and 2017 proved that the genre isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This year, filmmakers and TV producers elevated the genre with a handful of gorgeously shot documentaries and movies, alongside thoughtful and reflective television series. 

Here are the top 10 films and series that raised the bar in 2017:

1. “Casting JonBenét”

An avant-garde experiment, “Casting JonBenét” is a true documentary about the casting process behind the dramatizations within the documentary itself. By the end of the movie, the concept devolves into pure surrealism, but not before the characters give their own personal takes on the infamous murder case that shook America.

2. “Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks”

Taking a new look at one of the most brutal serial killers in history, this two-part special explored the psyche of the notorious cannibal through interviews with the man himself. Was he

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2017 Holiday Viewers’ Guide: TV Episodes, Specials, Marathons, Movies, and More


A holly, jolly holiday season kicks off now with our guide to the most festive TV coming in December. Read on to find out which network is airing those famous Rankin and Bass stop-motion television classics and where you can find all sorts of seasonal programming fare from Gwen Stefani to Bruno Mars to fragile leg lamps, the Grinch, and more.

(We will update this list with more holiday programming as new information becomes available.)


The Nutcracker by The Royal Ballet (Tristram Kenton/Ovation TV)

Turner Christmas Classics — Set your DVRs for these lesser-known black-and-white seasonal options starting with 1947’s Bush Christmas. It’s a family adventure film about a group of children who set out across the Australian bush to get back their horses from thieves. Airs Friday, Dec. 1 at midnight

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11 Amazing Things Happening in TV and Movies This Thanksgiving Week

Many of you are probably headed home for Thanksgiving this week, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s Thanksgiving! That means no work, yummy food, and sweater weather. On the other hand, it’s Thanksgiving, a full day of awkward meals with your passive aggressive relatives. No matter your outlook, though, these 11 things happening in TV and movies this week will improve your holiday break. Suggest watching one of these films or Netflix shows as a way to bond with your family…or as an excuse to get away. The choice is yours.

Sunday, November 19

Search Party: Jay

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5 Horror Movies That Bring On The Holiday Cheer

Still not over Halloween but you want to celebrate the holidays? Just merge the two! There are plenty of scary holiday movies to get you in the mood to wrap presents AND be spooked. And don’t forget to tune into the next season of Homicide For The Holidays, Saturday, November 25 at 6/5c on Oxygen.



1. Black Christmas, 1974

Believed to be one of the very first slasher films and the inspiration behind Halloween, this horror cult-classic follows a group of sorority sisters who are stalked and murdered by a murderer hiding in their attic. To make things even scarier, the premise is based on an urban legend combined with true crime: a string of killings that happened in Montreal. A remake with the same name was made in 2006.

2. Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984

Silent Night, Deadly Night features your standard holiday film

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4 ‘Facts’ Movies Made You Believe About Famous Crime Mysteries That Are Completely False

Fictionalized versions of real-life crime stories often exaggerate or stylize true stories for the sake of drama, but sometimes, the true facts of a case get so distorted by moviemakers that it becomes difficult to tell truth from fiction.

We’re here to sort out some of the biggest things the movies got wrong about very real crimes.

1. Ed Gein never used a chainsaw.

The iconic horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” purports to be a depiction of real-life events, but the story of the movie greatly embellishes the actual crimes of serial killer Ed Gein.

While it is true Gein cannibalized his victims and preserved their body parts as keepsakes, pretty much everything else in the film is totally made up: even the eponymous detail of the chainsaw.

2. Zodiac’s infamous phone call went much differently in real life.

In Fincher’s “Zodiac” film, a person who claims to be the mysterious serial killer calls into

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5 Scary Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Based On Creepy True Stories

Truth is often stranger than fiction. Some of the most scary and intense films come from real life. From infamous cold cases like the Black Dahlia and the Zodiac killer to notorious serial killers and cold cases — these movies are ripped from the headlines and inspired by true crimes.


Black Dahlia

It was a classic Hollywood tale from the start. A beautiful young woman named Elizabeth Short moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. But the raven-haired beauty’s life ended in tragedy. In 1947, Short was murdered in Los Angeles. Her naked body was found in two pieces on a vacant lot. Severely-mutilated, her face had been slashed into a Glasgow smile. Short was nicknamed the “Black Dahlia” and has fascinated the public imagination. Her unsolved murder was the inspiration for the 2006 film, “The Black Dahlia,” starring Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johannson and Hilary Swank.



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5 Movies About Cold Cases That Will Scare The Hell Out of You

Horror movies are scary but what’s more terrifying than fictitious monsters and things that go bump in the night is real life violence and a criminal at large.  No crimes are more terrifying than those that have gone cold— cases that are still unsolved. On July 22nd, Cold Justice premieres on Oxygen at 8/7c. Get ready for the new season with 5 movies about truly horrifying cold cases. 

The Black Dahlia – 2006

In 1947, a beautiful woman named Elizabeth Short was murdered in Los Angeles. Her naked body was found in two pieces on a vacant lot. Her death took over headlines with theories of her dark, tawdry life. Her murder is the basis for the 2006 film The Black Dahlia. Shot in a dreamy, film noir style, the movie starring Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank shows how Short—nicknamed the “Black Dahlia”— was a

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6 Gripping Movies About True Crimes Of Passion

These dramatizations based on real crimes of passion will leave you heartbroken and on the edge of your seat. From a pack of teens who murder their friend to a plastic surgeon accused of killing his heiress wife, these stories prove that truth is often more violent than fiction. 

1. To Die For, 1995

This film is based on the true life Pamela Smart trial and the Joyce Maynard novel with the same name. The film stars Nicole Kidman as Pamela Smart (pictured above), who worked as a media coordinator at a high school where she had an affair with 15-year-old Billy Flynn. Smart, then 22, led a program that was meant to help teenagers cope with sex and drugs. Allegedly, Smart convinced Flynn to kill her husband, Gregg Smart. Flynn and three friends killed Smart’s husband in 1990 while she was at a board meeting. Pamela Smart has admitted to seducing

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These Are The 6 Scariest Home Invasion Horror Movies

The home invasion horror movie is a sub-genre dating back to 1909 with D.W. Griffith’s film The Lonely Villa. While the cinematic grouping has been taken in a more zany and post-modern direction in recent years, the sub-genre continues to play on the everyday fear of strangers violating the sanctity of our private spaces. Here’s our list of some of the scariest home invasion movies ever made.

1. The Strangers (2008)

Byran Bertino’s immensely suspenseful and ultimately nihilistic film claims to be based on a true story, although the director has since admitted that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Either way, the movie launched a handful of lesser copycats in the years that followed. Liv Tyler stars as the terrified victim who attempts to survive an onslaught of unknown assailants.

2. The Purge (2013)

The movie’s tagline says it all: “One night a year, all crime is legal.” Although there’s a hyper-political, speculative

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