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Man Attacks Wife, Mother-In-Law With Meat Cleaver After Release From Mental Health Evaluation

A Burlington, Vermont man who was just released from a hospital after asking for a mental-health evaluation has allegedly killed his wife on Thursday with a meat cleaver outside their home. Aita Gurung, 34, is accused of also severely injuring his mother-in-law in the attack.

Yogeswari Khadka, 32, died in the attack after suffering severe head and skull injuries. Her mother, Thulsa Rimal, 54, is in critical condition as of Thursday night.

Gurung’s and Khadka’s 8-year-old child was unhurt, as reported by Seven Days. The child was at school at the time of the deadly assault, which began not long after Gurung was released from the hospital. It started around 2:30 p.m. in the family’s kitchen and the violence soon spilled out into the street, where neighbors attempted to intervene. An armed bystander was able to detain Gurung until police arrived, according to the Burlington Free Press. Burlington Police Chief

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3-Year-Old Left In Corn Maze, Mother Says She Didn’t Notice Him Missing Until The Next Day

A Utah mom said she accidentally left her child at a corn maze and didn’t realize the three-year-old boy was missing until the next day, police said.

Employees at the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan called police at about 7:30 pm on Monday after they found the boy wandering around the maze by himself, with no one claiming him at the maze’s closing.

“He was crying and upset and obviously scared,” Kendall Schmidt, co-owner of the corn maze, in an interview with The Washington Post. “We were trying to calm him down.”

The employees waited about 30 minutes for the family to come and look for the boy.

“It became evident that they were not in the maze, so we just kept waiting and hoping that the parents would realize that they left the child,” Schmidt said.

The boy stayed with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services overnight. His mother

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Topless Mother Hanging Out Of Car Window Killed After Her Head Hits Lamppost

A Russian woman has died in a gory crash while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. As Daily Mail reports, 35-year-old Natalia Borodina got into a car accident in the Caribbean while hanging out of the window on the passenger side of a moving car. The driver recorded the horrific incident on a mobile phone.

Borodina of Moscow had taken her bikini top off and was performing for the camera (screenshots below). The mother of an 8-year-old boy was suddenly hit by a lamppost while in the moving vehicle. 

The video was recorded by Ivanna Boirachuk, the victim’s friend, while driving on a highway near Punta Cana. After the crash, Borodina was rushed to hospital. She died there of serious injuries. 

It is believed that her son, an 8-year-old boy, was also on vacation with her.

Borodina had been working in Cannes, France as an estate agent. She

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Mom Sentenced For Drowning 2 Young Sons In Bathtub To Be A Better Mother To Other Son

A Pennsylvania mom faces decades in prison for drowning her two young sons.

According to Penn Live, 44-year-old Laurel Schlemmer was found guilty of third-degree murder in March and has been sentenced to 30 to 80 years in prison. The mom claimed that she drowned her sons in order to be a better mother.

On April 1, 2014, Schlemmer drowned Luke and Daniel (who were 3 and 6 years old) at the family’s home. She told authorities that she heard “crazy voices” and then pushed them into the tub, wanting to send them to heaven. A former teacher, she explained that she would be a better mother to her older son (age 7) if “the other two boys weren’t around and they would be better off in heaven.”

The older son was at school at the time of the incident.

After drowning her sons, Schlemmer called 9-1-1. “[Ms.] Schlemmer said she never attempted CPR because she did not

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HBO Producer Jailed For 1 Year After He’s Caught On Video Dragging Mother Of Three’s Dead Body Into Hallway

A HBO producer has been sentenced to one year in jail after admitting to dragging the body of a mother of three into a hallway in Manhattan after she overdosed.

According to People53-year-old Marc Henry Johnson admitted in March to dragging the body of 38-year-old  Kiersten Cerveny in 2015. He also pled guilty to accessory after the fact.

According to a spokesperson from the U.S. Department of Justice, Johnson and Cerveny, a married Long Island doctor, apparently spent hours drinking and doing cocaine before the incident. The two then went to the apartment of a man, James Holder, who was Henry’s drug dealer.

Cerveny overdosed inside the home, and surveillance footage shows the two men dragging her unconscious body into the hallway. Holder left the building with an unspecified object while Johnson anonymously called 911. He did not give the operator key details about the incident and when EMTs arrived, he left.

Cerveny was taken to

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Veteran NYPD Officer And Mother Of 3 Was Fatally Shot In Unprovoked Attack

A veteran New York Police Department police officer was shot and killed while on her Fourth of July shift. Miosotis Familia, 48, was killed assassination-style when a man walked up to her vehicle and fired.

According to NYDailyNewsFamilia’s partner called in the shooting. “Shots fired!” the officer screamed. “I need a f-cking bus! 10-85 10-85! My partner’s shot! My partner’s shot! My partner’s shot! Hurry up central!”

The suspect, Alexander Bonds, was pursued by authorities. He opened fire on two officers and then was shot dead. Bonds was on parole through May 2018 due to a robbery case in Syracuse. According to The New York Times, he railed against prison conditions in a Facebook post last year. “I got broken ribs for a reason, son, we gonna shake. We gonna do something,” he said. “We can’t be dying for free, getting raped for free, just for them to give you hush

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"Twilight" Killers Confess To Shocking Murder Of Girlfriend’s Mother And Sister

Two teenage lovers have confessed to killing her 47-year-old mother and 13-year-old sister. Lucas Markham,14, and girlfriend Kim Edwards, also 14, of Lincolnshire are each serving 17-and-a-half years for the murders. In a new show on British television, Murdered By My Daughter, the teens’ confession is being made public for the first time.

According to the MetroMarkham tells the officer interviewing him that he first stabbed Edwards’ mother in the neck and smothered her with a pillow. He then did the same thing to the little sister because he was worried she would call the police.

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Kim then went into her mother’s room to check on her boyfriend. Kim apparently said she was fine with the murders since she believed her mother favored her sister.  “I was okay with it. Just

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Mother Caught On Camera Trying To Suffocate Baby At Hospital

A North Carolina single mother was arrested on charges that she tried to smother her one-year-old boy with a pillow while he was being treated at a hospital, WSOC-TV reported.

Maggie Dixon, 32, brought her son to the hospital on Saturday and reportedly told doctors that she thought her son had pneumonia, but nurses noticed while monitoring his vital signs that the boy particularly had trouble breathing when Dixon was alone with him, the Associated Press reports.

When hospital workers watched surveillance video of the room, they allegedly saw Dixon try to suffocate her baby with a pillow. 

She tried to smother her baby four times within fifteen minutes, police told WSOC-TV.

Prior to the child’s hospital visit, there was no sign that he had been abused, police said. He is currently at the hospital with other family members, and will be turned over to his father once he is

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Police Shoot And Kill Pregnant, Mentally Ill Mother After She Calls For Help

Charleena Lyles called police to report an attempted burglary but was shot and killed in front of her children by the officers who came to help her, according to The Seattle Times. Now, family members and investigators are scrambling to figure out what happened as national tensions over police misconduct continue to reach a boiling point following the news of a lack of conviction in the Philando Castille case.

Police say that at some point during the check-in, Lyles had displayed a knife. Lyles family reports that she had been dealing with mental health issues throughout the pregnancy and had been worried that officers were coming to take away her other children, one of whom has Down syndrome.

Washington Post report adds that the children were not injured during the skirmirsh and that both officers involved have since been placed on administrative leave. Police have since said the

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Mother Arrested After Toddler Pulls Loaded Gun From Toy Box — In Front Of Cops

A three-year-old boy in Boynton Beach, Florida was found holding a loaded pistol, while police were inside the apartment. According to the Palm Beach Post, the toddler pulled out the weapon from his toy box while authorities were investigating his mother for neglect.

The gun was a black 9mm semi-automatic pistol. An officer took the gun and found that a bullet was in the chamber and the safety was off. The boy’s mother, 34-year-old Rosalyn Faniel, said that the gun wasn’t hers and she didn’t know it was in her home.

In addition to the gun, a box of 9mm ammunition was found on the top of the refrigerator. Authorities also found six plastic bags of white and pink powder, per the police report. The powder tested positive for Oxycodone.

According to WPTVthe police initially investigated after receiving complaints that a man was selling drugs out of the apartment.

As the Palm Beach Post reports, Faniel was

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