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Human Remains Found By Hunter Have Been Identified As Two Different Missing Teen Girls

Human remains found this Spring have been identified as a Missouri teen who went missing over a decade ago.

Seventeen-year-old Kara Kopetsky vanished after leaving her Missouri high school in May 2007.

Her remains were found by a mushroom hunter in a rural area near Belton, Missouri back in April. A second skull was found nearby her remains the very next day, Inside Edition reports.

On Thursday, the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office the results of a laboratory analysis, conducted by the FBI.

“I have received both the mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA reports from the FBI for the unidentified skeleton recovered in Cass County. Both reports indicate the remains are that of Kara Elise Kopetsky.” Chief Medical Examiner Diane C. Peterson, M.D. said.

The second set of human remains were identified as 21-year-old Jessica Runions who went missing in 2016. She was last seen leaving a party with 28-year-old Kylr Yust, the estranged

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Man Sentenced After Cops Find Naked Pics Of Missing 9-Year-Old Girl On His Phone

A Florida mother begged a man who was was convicted of keeping pornographic images of her missing daughter to reveal where she is.

“Please tell me where my daughter is; look me in the face and tell me,” Rita Hernandez said through an interpreter. She then broke down and cried.  Suspect Jorge Guerrero-Torres, 29, stayed silent as the victim’s mother wept and begged him to talk for 10 minutes, the News-Press reported.

Hernandez’s 9-year-old daughter, Diana Alvarez, has been missing since May 2016.

Guerrero-Torres was convicted in May for the pornographic images. This week, additional molestation charges were tacked on, according to an NBC affiliate. On Monday, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Guerrero-Torres apologized to the court through a translator. “I’m sorry. I apologize. That is all, he said”

Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marceno stated,”Our investigation leaves us confident that Jorge Guerrero played a role in Diana’s disappearance. Our focus has

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Scott Peterson’s Last Voicemail To Wife On Day She Went Missing Has Been Released: ‘I’ll See You In A Bit Sweetie’

On Christmas Eve, 2002, at around 2:00 in the afternoon, Scott Peterson left a message for his wife Laci on her cell phone.

She was eight months pregnant at the time, and the couple was expecting a baby boy, whom they planned to name Conner.

“Hey beautiful,” the message begins before cheerfully going through the mundanities of domestic life, shopping and family obligations.

That evening, Scott would tell a friend, “Laci’s missing.” In April of 2003, the remains of Laci Peterson and Conner would wash up on the Northern California shoreline, and Scott would eventually be sentenced to death for their murder.

The new AE six-part docuseries “The Murder of Laci Peterson” goes inside the Laci Peterson murder case, re-examining the crime that shocked a nation. It’s premiere episode, which aired last night, played that final message Scott left on his wife’s cell phone, presumably after he had already

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Missing Woman Survives In Wilderness For Month Eating Only Berries And Mushrooms

A missing Alabama woman has been found alive after being reported missing nearly a month ago, according to Alabama NBC affiliate WSFA.

Lisa Theris’s father was last in contact with her on July 18. For the past month she had been living off berries, mushrooms and water from streams, lost in the dense forest of rural Alabama after fleeing the scene of a crime she wanted no part of.

Police previously told WSFA Theris was in the company of two men; Manley Davis, 31, and Randall Oswald, 36, when the men broke into a hunting lodge in Midway, Alabama. Officials say she had no idea the men intended to commit a robbery, and not wanting to be an accessory to a crime, the 25-year-old radiology student ran away from the men into the nearby woods.

According to Daily Mail, the theft amounted to $40,000 worth of items,

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Man’s Submarine Mysteriously Sinks After 30-Year-Old Journalist Goes Missing On It

A journalist has gone missing after an assignment on a submarine.

According to the Washington Post, 30-year-old Kim Wall has vanished after taking a trip aboard a submarine in Denmark. The submarine then mysteriously sank.

Wall, a Swedish journalist who has reported on North Korea, climate change and post-war Sri Lanka, was reportedly on assignment to interview Peter Madsen, an inventor and builder of subs and rockets. She was last seen Thursday, leaving Copenhagen on the sub with Madsen. 

Authorities believe that Madsen deliberately sank the vessel on Friday. They found it from Koge Bay in more than 22 feet of water. “The sub has been searched and there is nobody on board — neither dead nor alive,” Copenhagen police homicide chief Jens Moller said, according to Reuters.

Although Wall’s body has not been found, Madsen was arrested for involuntary manslaughter. He has maintained his innocence, claiming that he dropped the journalist off late Thursday. He has since

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Oxygen Examines Case of Ex-Cop Drew Peterson’s Still-Missing Fourth Wife 10 Years After Disappearance

For 10 years, the fate and whereabouts of Stacy Peterson have remained unknown, even as her ex-cop husband sits in jail on two unrelated convictions — one for murdering a different wife and another for trying to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars for that murder.

Now the Oxygen network promises a fresh look at the mystery and at Drew Peterson, the disgraced, attention-seeking former police officer in Bollingbrook, Illinois, who has long maintained he had nothing to do with his bride’s 2007 disappearance.

The two-hour special Snapped Notorious: Drew Peterson premieres August 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. An exclusive trailer is at the top of this post.

The broadcast marks the 10th anniversary since Stacy, who was Drew’s fourth wife, went missing. He has alleged in court records and his public statements that the 25-year-old was cheating on him with another man and had run off with him.

Stacy’s family

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Missing Man Charged With Murdering Wife, Mistress And Daughter After They Allegedly Uncovered Affair

A nationwide manhunt is underway for a 60-year-old pilot whom police say is responsible for a gruesome triple homicide in Caldwell, Idaho.

The Idaho State Journal reports that following the identification of 48-year-old Nadja Medley and her 14-year-old daughter Payton, the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office charged Gerald “Mike” Bullinger with first-degree murder for their deaths, as well as that of Cheryl Baker, 56, who was Bullinger’s wife of 10 years.

The Canyon County Coroner’s Office had to use DNA evidence to identify the Medleys after their bodies were left to rot for over a week in a shed on the property Bullinger and Baker allegedly planned to retire to. Baker’s body was next to theirs, all three dead from a single gun shot wound, and covered with a plastic sheet. Police also found several dead birds, dogs and rabbits in the shed, according to The Daily Mail.

While Bullinger’s

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Woman Reported Missing Under ‘Unusual Circumstances’ After Dairy Queen Employee Finds Her Phone

A 23-year-old Oregon woman who was last seen on Saturday was reported missing under unusual circumstances after someone was seen throwing her cell phone from a car in a fast food parking lot, The Oregonian reports.

Demi Helenius had planned to spend a weekend at the self-help conference Landmark Forum, but after she didn’t contact her parents on Saturday night, they called her phone, said Washington County Sgt. David Thompson to The Oregonian.

A Dairy Queen employee answered her phone, telling her parents that a man went through the drive-thru and turned her phone in, Thompson said.

Detectives contacted this man, who said he saw someone throw the phone from a car in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

Helenius’s own car was found nine miles away, with no sign of foul play, Thompson said.

If anyone has any information regarding her whereabouts, they should call 503-846-2500. 

[Image: Washington County Sheriff’s Office]

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2007 Cold Case Reopened After Suspect Is Interviewed For Murder Of Girls Who Went Missing On Hike

A 10-year-old cold case has been opened after a suspect in another investigation confessed.

According to WLFI, a tip in a double homicide led authorities in Logansport, Indiana to 39-year-old Kevin Sellers. Sellers is also accused of killing his uncle, David Sellers, in the home they shared in 2007.

“We never dreamed that it would be him,” said the victim’s wife after all these years. David was found dead from a single gunshot. Although Kevin was interviewed at the time, no charges were filed.

Fast forward to August 2 of this year. Kevin was asked to come to the sheriff’s office after police received a tip about the double murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in February. Pictured above is a photo of the suspect in the murder of the two young girls.

That tip referred to David as “having killed his uncle some years before and had gotten away with it.” He ended

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6 Celebrities Who Have Gone Missing

These celebrities were all reported missing. Some cases ended in tragedy. Others had happier endings.


Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor went for a bike ride in the suburbs of Chicago on May 15, 2016 at 6 a.m. and she didn’t return home. She was then reported missing, and county police issued an alert for her. Just a few days before she vanished, the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer had written an alarming Facebook post describing the pain of the custody battle she was in over her son. Friends and family grew increasingly worried as the singer struggled with depression and previously attempted suicide. Luckily, she was found safe after a little over 24 hours.


Before the Nirvana frontman died on April 5, 1994, Cobain fled a rehab facility in California. For several days, his family tried to track him down. His mother filed

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