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Dad Fatally Stabs Family Pit Bull To Stop It From Mauling 1-Year-Old Daughter’s Face

Tragedy struck a family when its pit bull terrier attacked a 1-year-old. According to the Providence Journal, Remmy Goulart of East Falmouth, Massachusetts, was mauled and left with life-threatening injuries. After the incident, her father stabbed and killed the dog.

According to Mass Live, the attack on the child occurred on Sunday at the family’s home on Brick Kiln Road. The child was apparently playing in the kitchen with her father nearby when the terrier attacked her. The dog bit the 1-year-old in the face and caused what authorities have described as “major trauma.”

The father, Reece Goulart, then sprung into action to try to keep the dog away from the child. He first wanted to shoot the dog, but ultimately stabbed it.

“The father immediately attempted to separate the dog from the child, but was unable,” police said. “He retrieved a pistol from an adjacent room, but when he realized that it was not

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7 Unsettling Details In The Mysterious Mauling Case Of 2 Pit Bulls Who Ate Their Owner’s Body

By holding a late night press conference on Monday, police in Virginia have released new disturbing details about the grisly death of a 22-year-old woman who was killed by her own dogs. In disclosing some of the most unsettling facts, they hope to put a stop to some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the case but social media is still active with people questioning the case. Here are some of the unsettling details that people have been trying to grasp.

1. She raised the dogs

Bethany Lynn Stephens raised the two dogs that police said mauled her to death. Photos on Facebook appear to show her with at least one of them as a puppy.

2. They weren’t fighting dogs

Police retracted initial statements that the two dogs were bred to fight. They were not fighting dogs.

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Police: Pit Bulls Ate Their Owner After Mauling Her To Death

Police in Virginia have released new disturbing details about the grisly death of a 22-year-old woman who was killed by her own dogs. On Monday, Sheriff Jim Agnew called a late night press conference to share evidence with reporters, after getting the go-ahead from the victim’s family.

Agnew showed reporters photographs from the scene, according to NBC12. The images were so disturbing that no publication or television station is showing them to the public. They reveal that the two pet pit bulls ate parts of 22-year-old Bethany Lynn Stephens’s body.

Police also witnessed the dogs eating her, while they discussed what to do with the dogs.

“While we were thinking about strategies to catch the dogs, we had turned and looked, the dogs had gone back over to the body,” says Sheriff Agnew. “And I observed, along with four other deputy sheriffs observed, the dog eating the rib cage on the body.

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