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Texas Teacher Married To High School Football Coach Accused Of Having Improper Relationship With Student

A high school teacher from Burleson County Texas, who is married to the school’s football coach, is accused of having an improper relationship with a 15-year-old student. KBTX reports that early this month the school contacted the Sheriff’s office after the allegations came to light.

Jamie Goforth, 37, allegedly sexually abused a 15-year-old male student starting back in October. She turned herself in on Sunday and has been charged with an improper relationship between educator and student. According to KBTX , she’s being held on a $10,000 bond. It’s unclear if she has a lawyer who can speak on her behalf at this time. Before turning herself in, it appears that she might have tried to skip town.

The school (Caldwell ISD) put out the following statement: “Many in our school community have heard of the arrest of Caldwell High School teacher Jamie Goforth. The incident is being addressed

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Married Couple Arrested For Recording Alleged Sex Video With Their Friend’s Dog

A husband and wife from Phoenix, Arizona were arrested last week after their relative contacted police over the discovery of disturbing bestiality footage. Melessa Ann Martinez, 44, and Roy Lee Johnston, 39, are now facing bestiality charges.

The shocking cell phone footage allegedly shows Martinez engaging in sexual acts with her friend’s dog “Buddy,” according to ABC15. According to that report, Johnston admitted filming the incident.

The couple were allegedly inspired to engage in a sexual act with “Buddy” after seeing media reports of others getting arrested on bestiality charges. A police press release revealed that Johnston said he got the idea “after watching the news and seeing a woman got in trouble for having sex with her dog.” He also admitted that he knew what they did was wrong.

During her first appearance in court, Martinez was ordered to stay away from animals. But, she said she needs a

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Married Teacher Investigated After Snapchat Video Of Her In ‘Shirt And Panties’ With 2 Underage Students Surfaces

A married California teacher is being investigated after allegedly being seen in a Snapchat video with two shirtless minors.

Thirty-two-year-old Samantha Lee Ciotta was reportedly partying with minors while dressed in “a shirt and panties” and drinking alcohol, per NY Daily News. The teacher is already accused of having sex with an underage student and could face added felony charges.

On September 20, Ciotta was arrested and charged with unlawful sex and oral copulation with a minor. She was then released from police custody after posting $150,000 bail.

As Patch reports, a student at Beaumont High School—Ciotta is an English teacher there—shared the incident on Snapchat. When asked if that was “Mrs. Ciotta” in the clip by another, the student apparently said,  “Yes … Bro, I’m gettin’ in deep … been f—— (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house).”


Apparently, the other student involved admitted that there was additional

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Man Married 11-Year-Old Step Daughter And Kept Her As Sex Slave For 19 Years

An Oklahoma man allegedly kept his step daughter captive for nearly 20 years, “marrying” her when she was 11 to keep her as his sex slave. Henri Michele Piette, 62, is accused of raping Rosalynn McGinnis repeatedly for decades, according to court documents provided to Fox News.

While being held captive, McGinnis was also stabbed, choked until unconscious, shot and beaten with baseball bats, the Oklahoman reports. Piette’s children told police that he started sexually assaulting the victim at a young age. McGinnis’ mother left Piette in 1997 after he allegedly abused her, leaving behind her young daughter. Then, Piette introduced McGinnis to his other children as “their new mother,” an F.B.I. agent told the Oklahoman.

In 2016, McGinnis, now 33, escaped Piette along with eight of her nine children from a tent in rural Mexico with eight of her nine children, according to People.

“I knew that if I

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Married 2nd Grade Teacher Found Dead In Home With Mysterious Signs Of Trauma

The body of Vanessa MacCormack, a Boston area second-grade teacher, was discovered in her home on Sunday.

According to People, no arrests have been made in the case just yet.

Preliminary examinations on MacCormack’s body showed signs of trauma, but police would not elaborate on the matter. A medical examiner will make a more thorough examination and determine a cause of death in the near future.

“While the facts and circumstances do not immediately suggest a random incident, authorities said the investigation is still in its early stages,” says a statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Andrew MacCormack, Vanessa’s husband, could be seen crying at the scene of the crime.

“Words could never describe my sister,” said Angela Masucci, the victim’s sister“My sister was the world’s best mother, she did everything for her daughter and had so many plans for her. She never missed an opportunity to bring her places

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Married GOP Senator Resigns After He’s Arrested For Groping, Forcibly Kissing Uber Driver: ‘You Got Nice T**s’

A married senator and father of three has resigned from his position in the Oklahoma Senate following his arrest for sexual battery. Bryce Marlatt was charged last week after being accused of making unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances toward a female Uber driver on the night of June 26 in Oklahoma City.

It was not the first time the thrice-elected Republican ran afoul of the law, either.

“Hey, you got nice t**s,” Marlatt said to the 41-year-old Uber driver when she first picked him up at a restaurant on the night of the 26th, according to a court affidavit obtained by the website NewsOK.

KOCO News meanwhile reports that the senator reached forward from the backseat to grope the driver and kiss her on the neck while she drove him to an Oklahoma City hotel.

The driver complained to police on June 28, and later spoke to a police sex crimes

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Married Teacher Resigns After She’s Caught Having Sex With 2 Students On School Grounds

A Nevada fourth grade teacher has resigned after allegedly having sexual relations with at least two teen boys.

School administrators told the Elko Daily Free Press that 40-year-old Tennille Whitaker resigned earlier this month. The married mother-of-two was arrested in June and has been charged with eight counts of sexual conduct with a pupil. She was placed on paid leave after arrest.

According to a press release from Elko County Sheriff’s Office, the two alleged victims were 16 and 18 at the time.

In that press release, police suspected that she may have also engaged in sexual activity with school employees and volunteers.

A parent tipped off police after she allegedly caught Whitaker and a teen alone behind a closed classroom door, according to The Daily Caller.

[Photo: Elko County Sheriff’s Office]

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Married Teacher Caught Having Sexual Relationships With 8 Students, Calling Them ‘Jason’s Girls’

A new lawsuit claims that a Florida high school teacher groomed and sexually molested at least eight of his female students—and though administrators knew about the allegations beginning in 2008, the teacher apparently did not face disciplinary action.

Jason Edward Meyers, a creative writing teacher, worked in two Miami-Dade high schools over 14 years, in which time he allegedly pursued sexual relationships with eight of his current or former students, The Miami Herald reported.

Meyers allegedly called his victims “Jason’s Girls” and encouraged them to read sexually explicit books like Lolita, in which an older man has a sexual relationship with a prepubescent girl. The lawsuit claims he asked one girl to break up with her boyfriend, wear provocative clothes to class, and told her to title a poem she had written “Come Inside Me.”

The suit claims that Meyers forcibly kissed and groped a plaintiff in the lawsuit, and had sex

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14-Year-Old ‘Married’ 47-Year-Old Man With Mom’s Blessing

After a Texas teen girl said she was married to a much older man, both the girl’s mother and her “husband” were arrested. According to KTRK and CNN, Steven Carty, 47, persuaded a 14-year-old girl that the two were married.

The girl’s mother, 39-year-old Cherry Jamilla Payton, was seemingly okay with the arrangement. The three lived in the same home together.

“She knew that these two were sexually active with each other,” said Dawn Welch, the sheriff’s office special victims detective.

Payton is accused of child endangerment through parental negligence. Carty is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, according to CNN. Both said the marriage was part of their cultural belief system. They claim to be Hebrew Israelites.

Authorities said there is no marriage license filed between the girl and Carty. They found out about the abuse when the girl visited a doctor and them them she was married. The girl

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Married Teacher Accused Of Adopting Former Student To Sexually Assault Him Almost Daily

A New Jersey teacher has been accused of adopting her former middle school student, a 15-year-old boy, and sexually assaulting him repeatedly.

Rayna Culver, 43, and the boy had a “very close” relationship when she was his teacher, according to the Trentonian. She then housed him after he was kicked out of his family’s home in December 2015, according to South Jersey Local News. Culver became his legal guardian a few months later.

“(The victim) believed that the purpose of her taking him in was to eventually make sex a part of their relationship,” court documents allege.

The victim said Culver started to touch him inappropriately and undress him back in June 2016. This led to sexual relations. Culver is reportedly married.

“After that first incident, they would engage in sex often, and it was to the point where he felt that if he told her to stop she would get mad

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