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Mom Texts Son ‘I Killed Your Dad’ After He Finds Maggot-Ridden Crate Filled With Body Parts

Marcia Eubank told family members her husband Howard had moved to Texas six months ago. Text messages on his social media accounts said, “I will reach out to people when I’m ready to. Please don’t try to contact me I need some time for myself.” However, when their son discovered a maggot-ridden crate of human remains inside a locked room in his parent’s house, Marcia sang a different tune. “I killed your Dad,” she texted her son, according to People magazine.

The 49-year-old from Coventry Township, Ohio, was arraigned on aggravated murder charges on Wednesday, December 13. According to the website Cleveland.com, she told police she shot her husband twice in the head, before dismembering his body and stashing the remains in storage containers throughout the house. She pleaded not guilty and is being held in the Summit County jail on $1 million bond.

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