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Guilty or Not Guilty? 5 Current Convictions Looking To Be Overturned

Convictions aren’t always final. Oxygen’s new show, Final Appeal (premiering Sunday, Jan 7 at 7/6c), features exonerated football star Brian Banks and former prosecutor Loni Coombs as they examine wrongful convictions from those currently behind bars. From new evidence to renewed publicity, there’s many reasons why convictions may be changed. Here are 5 current convictions looking to be overturned.

Adnan Syed


“This is a Global Tel Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed.” Millions of fans tuned into the first season of the podcast Serial to hear the story of a 15-year-old murder case. In 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. The story of high school love and murder captivated audiences. The podcast revisted old evidence and showed that the trial seemed unfairly set against Syed, including an unheard alibi, suspicious state’s witness and inaccurate cellphone records. Since the show, Syed’s conviction was vacated and his legal team filed a motion seeking his

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11-Year-Old Girl Killed By Train While Looking At Phone, Wearing Headphones

An 11-year-old Florida girl was killed by an Amtrak train on Wednesday while she was crossing the tracks, Fox News reported.

Yazmin White was walking home from a convenience store and trying to cross over the railroad tracks in Haines City, investigators said, when the conductor on the approaching train saw her. 

The conductor blew the horn and began braking the train, but Yazmin apparently did not notice the train approaching, according to Polk County detectives. 

“He continuously blew the horn for about a quarter of a mile, all the while he’s trying to stop the train,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said to Fox 13 News. This gave Yazmin less than 30 seconds to respond, investigators said.

The conductor said she was looking down at her phone, and evidence from after the crash showed that she was wearing headphones at the time, detectives said.

The Amtrak train, containing 12 passenger cars and

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Tennessee Governor Looking Into Cyntoia Brown Case After Rihanna And Kim K Rally For Justice On Social Media

Following support from celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, the case of Cyntoia Brown has been put on the Tennessee Governor’s radar. According to WKRN, Governor Bill Haslam is gathering information on Brown’s case. The 29-year-old is spending life in prison for fatally shooting a 43-year-old man who solicited her as a prostitute when she was a teen.

As previously reported, Brown was a teen sex trafficking victim who killed a man she believed was about to attack her. He took her to his home, and she shot him in the back of the head with a .40-caliber handgun. Earlier, she was lured into a sex trafficking ring, and she says that she was forced into prostitution by a violent boyfriend, a pimp named “Kutthroat.”

Brown never denied the murder. 

“I shot him,” she reportedly said, not long after the crime. “I executed him.”

She was sentenced to life in prison for the murder

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9-Year-Old Girl Caught Looking At Porn To Learn What Her Dad “Does To Her”

A Texas man was arrested on sexual abuse charges Wednesday after police say his 9-year-old daughter was caught searching for porn on a school iPad to learn what her father “does to her” at night.  

Court documents obtained by the San Antonio Express-News detail how officials learned of the incident.  An Elm Creek Elementary School teacher noticed that the girl was looking up porn on the iPad earlier in May.

The girl told the teacher that she was trying to find out what her father “does to her,” which she claimed happened “all the time at night” to her and her sister, according to the arrest warrant.

She claimed that the abuse had been continually occurring for at least a year.

The teacher contacted Child Protective Services after the incident, and the CPS investigator learned that the man had previously been investigated for sexually abusing two relatives, according to the

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