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Local author digs deep into historical mysteries

Author Cheryl Honigford at the Chicago Literary Fest signing copies of her novel The Darkness Knows, and displaying an advance copy of her new novel Homicide for the Holidays was released Oct. 10 (Submitted/The Report).

By Sandra Landen Machaj

When we read a work of published writing, we often think that the author is someone special, unlike the everyday people living in our neighborhood with a family and a full time job.

In reality, most authors are special, but they also may be our next door neighbor, who like you, spend their days caring for their family and working a full time job.

It is after these everyday responsibilities are complete, that they begin to write. Many retire to their computer to make the magic words that will become their next work appear on the screen.

One such author is Cheryl Honigford, an Antioch resident.

By day, Honigford

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Tried and True – True Crime Details from Local Menendez Juror

| News, Sand Canyon Journal | 2 hours ago

It isn’t often that Sand Canyon has a prison insider. But viewers of “NBC News” following episodes of “Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders” can see local resident Betty Oldfield share what she knows about the famous trial 23 years ago. She served as a substitute on the jury for Erik Menendez during the first trial, which ended in a deadlock. After a second trial, in 1996, the brothers were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

NBC began airing the “Law Order True Crime” series on Sep. 26, which will be presented in eight one-hour segments. It is a drama starring Emmy Award-winner Edie

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Senate’s failure to pass a capital budget leaves local projects hanging

A number of major projects in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties are hung up because the funding for them is part of the state capital budget — which, after a full legislative session and three special sessions, has yet to be passed.

“Certainly the Westport dredging is a big one, but given that there is $70 million in spending for school construction it is hard to say what is more important,” said Sen. Dean Takko (D-Longview). “Cosmopolis school cannot go out to bid on their remodel as they do not know when they will get their SCAP money from the state.”

SCAP is the School Construction Assistance Program, which provides funding assistance to school districts that are planning major new construction or improvement projects.

There is a strong expectation that the capital budget will be approved this summer, but it’s not clear when. It’s been stalled over a fight in the Senate involving

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