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6 Women File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein: ‘He Is A Predator’

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Following multiple allegations of sexual abuse and assault against the former The Weinstein Company head, Variety shares that six women have filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court in New York.

The six plaintiffs are: Louisette Geiss, Katherine Kendall, Zoe Brock, Sarah Ann Masse, Melissa Sagemiller and Nannette Klatt. They claim that Weinstein as well as the larger Hollywood network of lawyers, agents and The Weinstein Company (which includes his brother Bob) were aware of the predatory behavior. 

“Harvey Weinstein is a predator. Bob (Weinstein) knew it. The board knew it. The lawyers knew it. The private investigators knew it. Hollywood knew it. We knew it. Now the world knows it,” the plaintiffs said in a joint statement.

“We have watched with horror, amazement, pride and gratitude in the last two months as women (and men) the world over have come forward

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Lawsuit Says NYPD Helped Cover Up Robert Durst’s Role In His Wife’s Murder

Robert Durst, the subject of the controversial HBO docu-series “The Jinx,” is once again the subject of scrutiny as new reports emerge about the corrupt collusion between the NYPD and the wealthy real estate scion. Court documents now show that the police may have been involved in covering up certain facts in the murder of Durst’s first wife.

“The Jinx” aired in 2015 and explored the vast net of conspiracies that Durst may have been involved in, ultimately leading to the capture of a confession from Durst on a hot mic. Now, two years later, a law firm hired by the family of the late Kathie Durst is accusing the NYPD and an ex-cop of covering up Robert’s role in Kathie’s death.

Kathie had gone missing in 1982 and was declared dead a year later. The suit, filed on Thursday by a firm representing Kathie’s kin, says that former

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New Lawsuit Says Nestle Is Lying About What’s In Your Poland Spring Water

A new lawsuit is claiming that Poland Spring Water is committing “colossal fraud” by claiming on its bottles that it contains “100 percent natural spring water” from Maine, USA Today reports.

The legal complaint, filed Tuesday, claims that Nestle is instead simply bottling common groundwater that doesn’t qualify as spring water.

“For more than twenty years, Nestle Waters’ marketing and sales of Poland Spring Water has been a colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers,” the lawsuit claims.

“To consumers, ‘spring water’ from a naturally occurring spring signifies purity and high quality and commands a premium price compared to Defendant’s non-spring drinking water products or filtered tap water,” the lawsuit continues.

A representative from Nestle Waters disputed that claim to USA Today, saying that their water meets all federal and state regulations for spring water.

Previously Nestle settled a 2003 lawsuit that alleged its water was not sourced from the Maine wildness.

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