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Couple Kills Man’s Second Wife And Her Family After She Discovers His Bigamy

An Alabama man and his wife are accused of murdering his second wife and her family after the woman left him when she discovered his bigamy, People magazine reports.

Married couple Christopher Henderson, 42, and Rhonda Carlson, 44, allegedly killed second wife Kristen Smallwood, 35, and her unborn child in 2015. Smallwood was nine months pregnant at the time of her death.

The couple allegedly shot or stabbed Kristen to death before cutting the child from her womb and stabbing the infant multiple times, police said.

They also allegedly killed Smallwood’s son, Clayton Chambers, 8; Smallwood’s mother, Carol Smallwood, 67; and Kristen’s nephew, Eli Sokolowski, 1.

Security footage reportedly shows a couple entering a the home with a gas can and leaving as the house burns down. All of the family members died before the arson, except Sokolowski, who was stabbed but who ultimately died from asphyxia in the flames.

The pair was

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Mom Kills 6-Year-Old Daughter To Save Her From Aliens Trapped ‘Inside Her Body’

A Virginia mother charged with killing her 6-year-old daughter told a detective that she did so to send her to heaven and protect her from aliens, according to court documents filed this week.

Darla Elizabeth Hise, 27, is charged with first-degree murder in the February murder of her daughter Abigail Grace Hise. According to the Roanoke Times, she used a shotgun to kill the child in their home.

Hise’s attorney wrote that Hise told police at a psychiatric hospital, where Hise was diagnosed with a possible PTSD or drug-induced psychosis, that she had “aliens in her body and wanted them removed from her stomach.” Her lawyer, Tony Anderson, has asked that Hise’s statement to police be suppressed, arguing that she was unable to waive her right to remain silent because of her mental condition and drug use.

“In this case, the evidence will show that [Hise’s] drug use and psychosis prevented her

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Man Kills Family 3 Weeks Before His Wedding So Fiancée Doesn’t Find Out He Lied About Job

Toronto man Brett Ryan has been given three life sentences and a concurrent 10-year sentence in prison for first- and second-degree murder and attempted murder after slaying three family members with a crossbow. According to Cosmopolitan, Ryan feared that the mother of his fiancée would inform his bride-to-be that he had lied to her about having both a job and a college degree (he, in fact, had neither).

Ryan had previously committed eight different bank robberies and served almost four years in prison — his fiancée was aware of his sordid past.

Ryan had held an IT job but was fired when they became aware of his criminal record. He informed his fiancée’s mother who agreed to help him financially — but Ryan decided to kill her anyway, fearing she’d tell her daughter.

Ryan attempted to cover up the murder by using improvised devices that would create a “digital footprint” if he needed an alibi.

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Mom Allegedly Kills Baby By Strapping Him In Car Seat Without Food Or Water

A Michigan mother was arrested for allegedly keeping her 6-month-old son in a carseat without food or water for two days, resulting in his death, People magazine reported.

Lovily Johnson, 22, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse after her son, Noah Johnson, died. She allegedly told police that she strapped him in the car seat and kept him in her apartment without food or air conditioning intentionally.

She then took her infant son’s body to the hospital, where attendants said they believed he had been deceased “for some time,” Detective Robert Meredith said in a probable cause affidavit.

Johnson’s other daughter, age 2, was taken into the care of the state.

Johnson, who allegedly also violated her parole for a 2016 embezzlement conviction, pleaded not guilty in her arraignment. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 2.

If she is convicted, she faces life in prison.

[Image: Kent County Jail]

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Red Cross Medical Director Kills Girlfriend, Infant Son And His Dog In Murder-Suicide

An American Red Cross director shot and killed his girlfriend, baby son, and pet dog before turning fire on himself at the family’s Las Vegas home on Sunday, The New York Daily News reported.

More than 24 hours after the shooting, relatives sent police to the home for a welfare check, at which point responders discovered the bodies of John Henry Lunetta, 40; Karen Michelle Jackson, 35; and their son, John Jr., who would have turned one today.

“It’s very clear that he shot the mother of his child and the infant and himself, and there’s also a dead dog inside,” Lt. Dan McGrath told reporters.

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Lunetta was a medical director for the American Red Cross’s western division for four years. Jackson was an Air Force vet who

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Anatomy Of A Love Triangle: Husband Kills Wife For Insurance Money And His Transgender Lover

February 23, 1991. Arizona businessman Dan Willoughby and his family were on vacation in Las Conchas, Mexico. Dan’s wife Trish stayed behind to take a nap, according to Snapped on Oxygen, while Dan and the kids spent the afternoon touring the coastal community. When Dan and his three children came back to the vacation home, the kids found their 43-year-old mom with her skull crushed and a butter knife sticking out of one of the fractures. She had been beaten and stabbed, and she was grasping for life. Not long after, she was dead.

Dan told Mexican police that over $400 in cash and two rings were missing from the scene. The crime scene appeared to be a robbery gone bad. This murder is the subject of this week’s Martinis  Murder podcast. 

The child of Mexican farm laborers, Yesenia Patino was 6 years old when her family immigrated to the

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Security Guard Allegedly Kills Unarmed Grandfather Who Was Playing Pokemon Go

A security guard is accused of shooting and killing a grandfather as he was out playing Pokemon Go in Chesapeake,Virginia. At a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, a judge decided there was enough evidence for prosecutors to move forward, according to NBC News.

Johnathan Cromwell, 22, has been charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm for the January killing of 60-year-old Jiansheng Chen.

Cromwell confronted Chen after Chen drove his van into the driveway of the River Walk clubhouse parking area, where Cromwell was patrolling. A Chen family attorney stated that Chen was there to play Pokemon Go. Chen was a retiree and Chinese immigrant, who spoke limited English.

Cromwell stopped his patrol vehicle in front of Chen’s, according to a statement from the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Chen backed up and turned his van around to the entrance of the driveway. That, according to the commonwealth’s attorney statement,

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Teen Girl Randomly Kills Uber Driver With Knife And Machete

A Chicago teen has been charged for stabbing an Uber driver to death in a random attack using a knife and machete she just allegedly stole from Walmart. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, Uber driver Grant Nelson, 34, had picked up 16-year-old Eliza Wasni on Tuesday a few blocks from a Walmart. Just minutes into the ride, Wasni allegedly began stabbing the driver. According to the report, Nelson pulled over his car and ran to a nearby condominium lobby, pushing buttons frantically while calling for help.

Prosecutors called the act “heinous” and “not provoked in any manner” in court on Wednesday, while Wasni kept her eyes mostly to the floor as the judge ordered her held without bail.

Authorities say Wasni took off in Nelson’s car after stabbing him. She hit a median, ran off on foot, and was later found nearby reportedly wearing only a bra and leggings. A bloodstained

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Intoxicated Father Backs Up And Kills 5-Year-Old Son, Then The Family Tries To Cover It Up

A Michigan father was allegedly drunk and high on controlled substances when he backed over and killed his 5-year-old son in March. The child, Blaze Williamson, was playing in the family’s driveway. The father, along with the mother and a family friend, are all charged with lying to police about who was behind the wheel during the deadly incident.

According to Michigan Live, the father, 42-year-old Ryan Williamson, has two prior convictions of operating while intoxicated and also does not have a valid driver’s license.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says the mom, dad, son and another person had just gotten back from a bar and started arguing when the father decided to leave. Police believe Williamson had both alcohol and unspecified controlled substances in his system. Deputies were initially told by the family that a family friend was driving the SUV, but witnesses said the father was actually driving the vehicle,

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Man Kills Ex’s Mom And Daughter In Front Of Her

An Arkansas man forced his ex-girlfriend watch him kill her mother and teenage daughter. Before that, he allegedly shot a police lieutenant to death.

Arkansas State Police claim that 42-year-old James Bowden shot 46-year-old Yell County Deputy Lieutenant Kevin Mainhart during a traffic stop Thursday morning in Dardanelle. According to PEOPLE, Mainhart was responding to a domestic disturbance call and he noticed that Bowden’s vehicle could be associated with the alleged dispute. Mainhart was fatally shot soon after getting out of his patrol car.

Police arrived at the Haley McHam’s home, Bowden’s ex-girlfriend. McHam shared the home with her mother and daughter. According to the report, police found the bodies of 61-year-old Rita Miller and 17-year-old Ciara Miller. Bowden was allegedly holding McHam hostage.

A standoff with officers ensued for five hours. McHam was able to flee after Bowden allegedly took pain pills and entered the attached garage in search of food.


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