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Kentucky Gay Couple Suffers Multiple Injuries After Homophobic Attack

David Bruckman of Covington, Kentucky faces numerous charges after being arrested in association with a violent attack on a gay couple. The case may be considered a hate crime.

“I never expected this to be as real as it is, that nowadays there are still so many people that harbor so much hate for somebody because of who they are,” said one of the two victims, who are remaining anonymous. 

According to WLWT, Bruckman forced his way into an ex-girlfriend’s residence, destroying her property. Her friends, the aforementioned gay couple, arrived to console her. Bruckman and an associate of his returned to the home after making numerous harassing phone calls, when the two allegedly attacked the couple while screaming homophobic slurs.

The two now are recovering from numerous injuries including broken eye sockets and fractured noses and cheekbones. Surgery will be required for both. They both also report suffering from

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