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James Franco Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By His Former Acting Students

Five women have come forward with more details on the sexual misconduct allegations against actor James Franco. Just days after he won a Golden Globe Award, the women—four of whom say they were students at his film school—claim that Franco demonstrated sexually exploitative or inappropriate behavior against them while serving as their teacher or mentor.

“I feel there was an abuse of power, and there was a culture of exploiting non-celebrity women, and a culture of women being replaceable,” said 39-year-old Sarah Tither-Kaplan to the Los Angeles Times. The women say some believed that working with Franco could lead them to career advancement in Hollywood. They describe uncomfortable working environments, including sex scenes that made them uneasy. Tither-Kaplan said she was in a nude orgy scene with Franco years ago and he removed protective plastic safeguards covering the actresses’ vaginas while simulating oral sex on them.

In addition to incidents alleged at Franco’s school, Studio

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James Franco Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations During Intense Stephen Colbert Interview

James Franco has denied sexual misconduct allegations during a tense Tuesday appearance on “The Late Show.” Over the weekend, multiple women expressed outrage on Twitter after witnessing Franco sporting a “Time’s Up” pin at the Golden Globe awards.

Actors Ally Sheedy, Violet Paley and Sarah Tither-Kaplan tweeted out that Franco should not be wearing that pin, a symbol to combat gender inequality, because of his alleged mistreatment of women.

Former “Breakfast Club” star Sheedy even tweeted that people like Franco were “why I left the film/tv business.” She later deleted that tweet. According to the New York Times, Tither-Kaplan accused Franco of pressuring her to be naked in shoots for 100 dollars a day.

Taylor James Dusen Arrested For Raping Girl Under Age 13 | Crime …

An 18-year-old man has been sentenced to a minimum of five years for sexually abusing  a 12-year-old girl.

According to MLiveTaylor James Dusen of Ravenna, Michigan pled guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct in July, a charge that involves sexual penetration with a child under age 13.

The case came to authorities’ attention when the victim’s mother found her daughter’s diary outlining the sexual assault.

According to Muskegon County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Maat, the victim and Dusen met through a mutual friend in 2016. The sexual assaults occurred in March 2017 at the victim’s home, and there were reportedly more than one on the same day.

Following the diary discovery, the mother reported the incident to the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department. Dusen was arrested on May 31. 

Dusen does not have a prior criminal history. The judge sentenced him to a minimum of five years and a maximum of 35 years, as is within state

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August 2, 1991: Rick James Arrested For Imprisoning And Torturing A Woman

On August 2, 1991, singer Rick James was arrested along with girlfriend for imprisoning and torturing a 24-year-old woman. 

The “King of Funk” was 43 at the time and his girlfriend, Tanya Anne Hijazi, was 21. They were accused of torturing Frances Alley by burning her with the hot end of a hot cocaine pipe over a three-day period at the singer’s Hollywood Hills home.

Rick James and his girlfriend met the victim at a party. She was unemployed and they offered to help her out at their home.

The incident happened a few weeks before the arrest, in mid July. James threatened Alley with a gun and told her he would shoot her if she tried to flee. He and his girlfriend then tied her up and burned her about 20 times with the crack pipe. They also sexually abused her and forced her to smoke crack. 

After she was released from the

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Lucille ‘Lucy’ Duncan, James Pruitt: Oxygen ‘Snapped’ Airs Mafia-Style Execution Of Man Found Dead In Woods

Lucille Duncan, also known as Lucy Duncan, helped her brother, Gerald Duncan, kill her ex-boyfriend, James Pruitt. Now, the case is coming to the Oxygen Network for an episode of Snapped. James Pruitt’s dead body was found in the woods more than 10 years ago in Columbia, Missouri. Snapped’s episode includes interviews with Alan Burdziak, a journalist for the Columbia Daily Tribune, Melinda Kidder, a private investigator, Christina Chaney, James Pruitt’s daughter, and law enforcement detectives.

James Pruitt disappeared in July of 2003. His body was discovered in the woods after a man found a bag of bloody clothes on his property. The Gleason Road caller lived on a dead end street surrounded by woods.

When officers arrived at the scene, they searched the back woods and discovered a bloody trail and drag marks that led them to the body of a white male, who was identified as James Pruitt, 44.

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Khloé Kardashian’s Ex James Harden Explains Why Dating Her Sucked

Khloé Kardashian sure likes dating athletes, but not all of them are the right fit for the Kardashian family. As many have learned, dating one of these sisters puts you under a microscope, leaving all your personal drama out for the world to scrutinize.

Just ask Tristan Thompson, Khloé’s current boyfriend. We all know a whole lot about how he’s allegedly neglecting his new kid to hang out with her. I suppose it takes a certain resilience to handle that level of attention. One of Khloé’s exes explained why he decided “thanks but no thanks” to joining the gossip mill.

Sports Illustrated interviewed Houston Rockets baller James Harden for their March 6 issue. Harden and Khloé dated for about 8 months in 2015 but broke it off. In the interview, Harden doesn’t say much about his relationship, but he does explain

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