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Inventor Peter Madsen Charged With Murdering, Dismembering Journalist Kim Wall

The Danish inventor Peter Madsen was officially charged with the murder and dismemberment of journalist Kim Wall, a death that occurred while Wall was interviewing Madsen for an article, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Madsen was charged with the premeditated murder of the Swedish journalist, along with “sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature,” CNN reported.

Wall, 30, was last seen alive in August while boarding Madsen’s submarine in order to interview him. On August 11, authorities rescued Madsen from his sinking submarine, but Wall was nowhere to be found. Then, on August 21, her headless torso washed up near Copenhagen. Her head and legs were found later.

Madsen has claimed Wall’s death was an accident, though he originally told investigators that he had dropped Wall off on land on August 10. He testified last fall that Wall died when an exit hatch hit her on the head, causing her to

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Inventor Peter Madsen Admits To Dismembering Journalist Kim Wall’s Body

Peter Madsen, a rocket and submarine inventor, has admitted to dismembering (but not murdering) award-winning journalist Kim Wall.

Wall had last been seen on Madsen’s Nautilus submarine, shortly before her headless torso was discovered in nearby waters. She had been reporting on Madsen’s creations.

According to the New York Times, Madsen confessed to tossing Wall’s body in the ocean after she died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside the submarine. Madsen had changed his account of the events numerous times, at first claiming that she had left his vessel alive. He later changed his story to say that she hit her head during her reporting and died. There remains no explanation or known motivation for the dismemberment.

Wall’s limbs had been obviously removed by force and her body showed that she had been stabbed multiple times. Her severed head showed no sign of trauma, contradicting Madsen’s narrative.

During investigations, hard drives of

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Family Of Journalist Killed On Board With Submarine Inventor Releases Heartbreaking Footage From Before Her Death

The family of the Swedish journalist who died on board an inventor’s submarine has released heartbreaking footage of the woman.

In August, the headless torso of 30-year-old Kim Wall was found after it was dumped in the ocean. She went missing after taking a ride with Peter Madsen on a Nautilus submarine he built.

First, Madsen told police that he dropped Wall off on Land. Then, he gave conflicting reports on how the journalist died, but claimed it was an accident.

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She was writing a story about the vessel and 46-year-old Madsen when she was killed. He has since been charged with murder.

Wall’s family posted the new footage of Wall as part of a new fund, called the Kim Wall Memorial Fund, created to help other

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Submarine Inventor Explains How Missing Journalist Kim Wall Died: ‘There Was A Pool Of Blood Where She Had …

In the latest development to the bizarre tale of a Swedish reporter whose headless torso was found last month, oddball inventor Peter Madsen has told police new details about her death, which he insists was an accident.

In a pre-trial hearing, Madsen claimed Wall hit her head on the heavy latch of his homemade submarine, according to CBS News. After finding her in a pool of blood with a fractured skull, he threw her body overboard, but denies mutilating her body.

On August 11, the 30-year-old Wall had boarded the UC3 Nautilus, proclaimed “the world’s largest privately built submarine,” to interview its builder, Peter Madsen. Described as an “inventrepaneur” on the website for his company RML Spacelab, the 46-year-old Dane allegedly harbored a grudge against journalists and liked ““sexual experimenting in fetish groups,” according to his biographer Thomas Djursing.

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