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5 Signs A Suspect Is Guilty, According To A Criminal Interrogator

Ever wonder if someone being interrogated is actually telling the truth? On Criminal Confessions, airing Sunday at 7/6c on Oxygen, we get to see some of the world’s best interrogation experts pick up on these signs of lying and get guilty criminals to confess to their atrocious wrongdoings. 

One of those experts is Sergeant Brian Harris, who is featured as an expert on Criminal Confessions. Sergeant Harris, who has been in law enforcement for 28 years, trained hundreds of law enforcement officers nationally and internationally in Interviewing and Interrogations, Homicide Investigation, and a variety of other courses. He developed the Houston Police department’s Interview and Interrogation training, Advanced Interviewing, The Basic Investigator’s School and developed the Houston Police Recruiter’s Interview school.

So we reached out to Sgt. Harris to ask what signs and signals of guilt that he looks for when interrogating someone.

1. Hair Gestures – Sgt. Harris notes that people who play with

Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/criminal-confessions/crime-time/5-signs-a-suspect-is-guilty-according-to-a-criminal-interrogator