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Video: White Veteran Sergeant Fired For Initiating Unnecessary Confrontation And Ordering Black Woman To Be Tased

A veteran sergeant from the Fort Worth Police Department was fired following an arrest in which he used excessive force on a woman. According to the Star-Telegram, 22-year veteran Sgt. Kenneth Pierce was terminated after it was found that he arrested a woman in August and prompted the use of a taser. During the process, he was described as “impatient, initiated an unnecessary physical confrontation and then ordered a rookie police officer to tase the woman,” per to a statement from authorities. 

The incident in question occurred in August when the woman, who is black, called authorites for a domestic disturbance. According to Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald, the woman was cooperating with police. He says that it’s senseless why Pierce, who is white, demanded the need for such force.  “I’m confident that everyone who sees this video, including members of this department, will agree this supervisor’s response and subsequent behaviors are absolutely unacceptable.”



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