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Husband Of Mother Lost At Sea Charged With Her Murder

Newlywed Isabella Hellman vanished last year on a belated honeymoon. Authorities charged her husband, Lewis Bennett, with her murder Tuesday, according to People.

Hellman vanished on May 14 of last year, according to the Palm Beach Post. The couple had been married about three months and had a 10-month-old daughter. 

Hellman, a real estate broker, was reported missing while on a two-week trip with Bennett from St. Maarten to Key West. Bennett was eventually rescued from a life raft by the Coast Guard. When questioned, he said that he was sleeping below deck when the couple’s boat hit something about 70 miles from the Florida shore, southeast of Key West. He told authorities that when he emerged to the top of the vessel, which was a catamaran, there was no trace of Hellman. He added that she was wearing a life vest the last time that he saw her.

Her family took to the

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Woman Kills Husband, 3-Month-Old Daughter Before Fatally Shooting Herself

A new mother from St. Louis, Missouri, allegedly shot her husband and their 3-month-old baby to death before turning the gun on herself. Now, experts are trying to determine if postpartum depression played a part in the tragic murder-suicide.

Mary Jo Trokey, 32, her husband, Matthew, 33, and baby Taylor Rose, were found dead on Friday at their home. One of Taylor Rose’s grandparents made the discovery, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A gun was found at the scene, and according to police Capt. Eric Larson, there was no sign of forced entry. He said that no one else was home when the violence erupted. All three bodies were found in the same section of the home. According to Fox 2, Mary Jo recently bought a gun.

The family dog was also shot. That dog has survived, Fox 2 reported.

The family’s pastor told the Post-Dispatch on

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Missing Woman’s Dismembered Body Found Cooked On Ex-Husband’s Stove

The mutilated body of a Mexican woman whose name has not been released to the public was discovered inside pots sitting on a stove in a home allegedly owned by her ex-husband.

According to Newsweek, a state security spokesperson, Roberto Alvarez, has confirmed the situation.

“It’s presumed that she was cooked,” he said.

The woman was last seen on January 13 leaving her house in the city of Taxco, Mexico. She was supposed to pick up her children from her ex-husband’s house, but was never heard from again, reported The New York Times.

Newsweek noted that femicide — the sex-based hate crime of murdering women — is a severe problem in Mexico, with an estimated seven women a day being killed.

AOL, which identified the victim as 25-year-old Magdalena Aguilar Romero and her ex-husband as Cesar Gomez Arciniega, reported that the woman’s arms and legs were found in the cookware, and her pelvis (which

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‘Caring’ Mom Snaps, Killing Husband, Son, Daughter-In-Law And Dogs Before Setting House On Fire

A 68-year-old woman from Bella Vista, California allegedly fatally shot her husband, son, daughter-in-law  — even the family’s three dogs — before setting the home on fire and shooting herself.  The tragic deaths happened earlier this month.

According to Shasta County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Jackson, Teresa Mae Wilson allegedly murdered her husband Gary Lynn Wilson, 69; son Ellis Leroy Wilson II, 44; and daughter-in-law, Zoe Lynn Wilson, before killing the dogs and then turning the gun on herself.

Police don’t know the exact motive behind the tremendous loss of life. However, an investigation has shown that there was “long-term tension” at the home.  

“Due to the tension, it is believed Teresa may have reacted and committed the acts,” Jackson stated in a press release.

Police found a burnt .380-caliber semi-automatic gun “known to belong to

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Woman Accused Of Murdering Husband Allegedly Searched ‘How To Kill Someone And Not Get Caught’

You can Google anything, even how to get away with murder. According to People, a Texas woman allegedly searched for how to kill and get away with killing her husband.

Sandra Louise Garner, 55, from Maypearl, Texas, was charged with killing her 42-year-old husband Jon after authorities went through her browser history and found “how to kill someone and not get caught” on a seized device.

On January 2, Garner called 911 and claimed “she was awakened that night by two gunshots and saw a masked male holding a gun and flashlight inside her residence,” reported the Star-Telegram. According to Garner, the masked man said he would not hurt her, and his only issue was with her husband.

“Ms. Garner told investigators that the intruder told her he was not there to harm her. Ms. Garner said the perpetrator told her he held a grudge against her husband because

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Mom Kills Husband, 2 Sons Before Fatally Shooting Herself While On Vacation At Texas Resort

A Texas woman is suspected of killing her entire family — and then herself — at a luxury spa and resort. According to Click 2 Houston, several gunshots were heard coming from the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas, around 4:30 AM on Monday. In a room at the resort, Flor De Maria Pineda Canas, 37, was found wounded, as was her 10-year-old son. Her husband, 39-year-old Mauricio Canas (seen below), and her 5-year-old son were found dead.

Originally, authorities heard moaning coming from the room. They forced their way in and found the family members. The wounded were taken to the hospital, where they later died.

Authorities shared an official statement explaining that they believe the mother was the shooter. They do not have a motive at this point. 

“Detectives with the Major Crimes Division have been able to confirm that this family arrived

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Former Christian School Teacher Arrested After Husband Catches Her In Bed With Teen Boy

A former Christian school teacher from Oregon was allegedly caught in the act of sleeping with a teen boy by her husband. Andrea Nicole Baber, 29, was arrested on Friday after being accused of having sexual relations with a 17-year-old student for over a year, the Register-Guard reported. The abuse allegedly began when the victim was just 15.

Baber’s husband reportedly walked in on her and the student in the couple’s bed, according to The News-Review. His wife was partially unclothed. The husband also reportedly discovered that his wife had been sexting the teen after he found topless photos of her, which were sent to the underage boy from her phone. And the husband wasn’t the only one who found out something was wrong prior to the arrest.

The victim’s parents also reportedly received an email from an anonymous tipster. It asked the parents if they were aware their son

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Wife Who Allegedly Murdered And Dismembered Husband Lived With Decomposing Remains For 6 Months

A woman is now facing murder charges after allegedly killing her husband, dismembering his body and living with the remains for over five months.

Marcia Eubank, 49, was arrested Saturday for allegedly shooting her 54-year-old husband Howard Eubank in the back and covered up the murder by lying to his employer and to their family. Meanwhile, she hid his body parts in the house, which she continued to inhabit as his remains deteriorated. Authorities have since tentatively confirmed the body parts found in the home belong to Howard Eubank.

“Due to the decomposition and condition of the body, this process will take additional time,” Gary Guenther, chief investigator for the Medical Examiner’s Office, told New York Post.

Howard Eubank was allegedly killed in June, but it wasn’t until December that the couple’s son called the police after discovering maggots and a foul smell inside the family home.

Marcia Eubank is now being

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Florida Woman Puts Husband’s Duct-Taped Body In Closet And Builds A Wall Over It

A Shalimar, Florida woman is accused of murdering her 72-year-old husband and hiding his body in a closet before walling it over. Barbara Wozniak, 65, was charged on Friday with the murder of Alfred Wozniak.

According to Fox News, Alfred was shot in his right temple.

“Investigators obtained a search warrant and found a fabricated brick wall inside a closet under a stairway,” the Okaloosa sheriff’s office said in police press release. “After removing the bricks and drywall, a large dark plastic type of tarp was observed, shaped in the consistency of an adult body. The material had been thoroughly duct-taped.”

As soon as police arrived on the scene, deputies could smell an odor “consistent with an odor of decay.”

Barbara is accused of duct-taping her husband’s wrists, ankles and midsection before covering his body with the tarp. The night that her husband died, Wozniak’s debit card was used to purchase about $130

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Husband’s Affair Discovered Mid-Flight, Causes Emergency …

The distraught reaction of an Iranian woman who discovered her husband had been having an affair in the middle of a flight caused the plane’s pilot to make an emergency landing, The New York Post reported

The woman, who was flying with her husband and child on a trip from Doha to Bali last weekend, reportedly used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone, uncovering evidence that he had cheated on her.

The woman, who had drank alcohol during the flight, began arguing with her husband and disobeyed flight crew when they attempted to calm her down, Newsweek reported.

The woman caused such a ruckus that the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India. 

In Chennai, the three family members deplaned and the flight took off again, continuing to Bali. From Chennai, the family flew to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Doha.

India’s Central Industrial Security Force confirmed the

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