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Toronto Landscaper Arrested In Connection With 5 Murders, Allegedly Had Human Body Parts In Flower Pots

Toronto resident Bruce McArthur has been arrested in connection with five murders, according to The Washington Post. Police suspect he has killed more after discovering human remains in flower pots on a property where he worked.

Thirty other locations at which McArthur was employed as a landscaper have since been searched, with more than a dozen flower pots seized as evidence in the hopes of finding clues about who else, if anyone, may have been McArthur’s victims.

“It’s a serial killer — alleged serial killer,” said Sgt. Hank Idsinga at a news conference on Monday. “He’s taken some steps to cover his tracks, and we have to uncover these victims … We do believe there are more. I have no idea how many more there are going to be. . . . The city of Toronto has never seen anything like this, so it’s very tiring and draining for everyone involved.”

Those within Toronto’s LGBTQ community had heard

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Human Remains Belong To Mom Who Went Missing Before Custody Hearing

On Tuesday night, human remains were discovered in a wooded area of Pasco County, Florida. Those remains have been identified as belonging to 20-year-old Destiny Lee Aaron, a mother who went missing in April before the final custody hearing of her child.

According to a press release from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Aaron also got into an argument with her boyfriend before her disappearance. Police are now saying that their “preliminary belief” is that foul play is not suspected, Fox 13 News reports. A cause of death has not officially been determined.

Captain Chris Beaman, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, said that there is no evidence that there was any trauma to her body. He said he and other law enforcement officials are trying to investigate how and why the young mother ended up in the woods.

During a press conference on Tuesday, police said that days before the custody hearing,

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Corinna Slusser May Be Involved In Human Trafficking Ring | Crime …

A missing 19-year-old who may have been working as a “call girl,” according to a family member, called her mother to say she wanted to leave New York and return to her small-town home in Pennsylvania the day before all communication with friends and family stopped. Police believe Corinna Slusser was kidnapped and may have entered into a human trafficking ring after being lured to New York City and beginning to work as a “call girl,” Slusser’s aunt, Julie Anne Becker-Calfa, told Oxygen.com.

Corinna still has not been heard from since the last documented sighting of her in Queens on September 20, the New York Police Department told Oxgen.com. Corinna was reported missing by relatives on Sept. 12. While the NYPD declined to describe the case in greater detail, Slusser’s aunt said before she went missing she got involved in the wrong crowd at home in Pennsylvania and later moved to New York

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Man In Colorado Gets 472 Years In Prison, Longest Sentence Ever For Human Trafficking

A convicted child sex trafficker in Colorado was sentenced to 472 years in prison on Tuesday, the longest sentence ever for a human trafficking case in United States history.

Brock Franklin, 31, was found guilty on human trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child, child prostitution, and kidnapping charges in March, FOX 31 Denver reports, for operating a sex trafficking ring that preyed upon women and children.

“A 400-year sentence sends a strong message across the country that we’re not going to tolerate this kind of violence to women and vulnerable populations,” Janet Drake of the Colorado Attorney General’s office told FOX 31.

Prosecutors said Franklin used drugs and violence to control his victims. He sold their services online. The actual act often took place at hotels in the Denver metropolitan area. Franklin also forced his victims to have sex with him.

“I can’t begin to even explain what he did to my life,”

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Man Claims His Girlfriend’s Mutilated Corpse Was A Blow Up Doll With Human Flesh

After police discovered a woman’s mutilated body, her boyfriend claimed her remains were merely a blow-up doll with human flesh. Police in Miami, Florida found Deanna Clendinen’s corpse on Friday at 32-year-old Jerome Ernest Wright’s home, according to the Miami Herald.

The cops did not believe Wright’s story, and they subsequently arrested him and charged him with abusing a dead human body. According to police, Clendinen’s stomach has been lacerated and several of her internal organs were removed.

So far, Wright has denied killing his 52-year-old girlfriend. He has additionally denied that the corpse is even human. He has not yet been charged with murder.

“Pending the [Miami-Dade County] medical examiner’s report, we’ll know which way the investigation will go,” Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told the Miami Herald.

Wright’s mother Della Rosalie Wright called the police last week after noticing a foul smell coming from the bedroom of the home she shares with

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Sister Of Missing Woman Robyn Gardner Thinks Human Bone Found In Natalee Holloway Search Could Be Hers

A human bone found in Aruba during an investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway was tested and does not belong to the 18-year-old who went missing in 2005 — but a new DNA test may link the bone to missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner.

Gardner’s sister, Danielle Colson-Unglesbee, said she will be submitting her DNA for tests to determine if the bone could be a match for Gardner. “I’m going to submit my DNA in the next few days to see if there’s a match,” she told Huffington Post. 

The bone belongs to “a single individual” believed to be “a Caucasian European,” according to a former forensic laboratory director Jason Kolowski.

Gardner was 35 years old when she went missing in 2011 on vacation with a man she met through an online dating site, People reports. He told police Gardner

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Human Bone Fragments Found In Aruba Do Not Belong To Natalee Holloway

Bone fragments that have been tested for a possible match to Natalee Holloway have come back negative. Dr. Jason Kolowski, the forensic scientist who has been coordinating the testing and interpreting the results on “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway,” tells Oxygen.com: “Out of the four individual bone samples only one was found to be human. The mitochodrial DNA bone sample was not a match to [mother] Beth Holloway, and so it was ruled out as being Natalee Holloway.” 

Dr. Kolowski also said they don’t know the identity of the person whose DNA was tested. “We don’t know if the person is male or female,” says Dr. Kolowski. “We don’t know how old that person is. We don’t know how long that person has been dead.” Oxygen.com reported earlier that at least one of the bone fragments discovered in Aruba belongs to a human of Caucasian, European descent. 

Father Dave Holloway and his ex-wife

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Human Remains Found By Hunter Have Been Identified As Two Different Missing Teen Girls

Human remains found this Spring have been identified as a Missouri teen who went missing over a decade ago.

Seventeen-year-old Kara Kopetsky vanished after leaving her Missouri high school in May 2007.

Her remains were found by a mushroom hunter in a rural area near Belton, Missouri back in April. A second skull was found nearby her remains the very next day, Inside Edition reports.

On Thursday, the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office the results of a laboratory analysis, conducted by the FBI.

“I have received both the mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA reports from the FBI for the unidentified skeleton recovered in Cass County. Both reports indicate the remains are that of Kara Elise Kopetsky.” Chief Medical Examiner Diane C. Peterson, M.D. said.

The second set of human remains were identified as 21-year-old Jessica Runions who went missing in 2016. She was last seen leaving a party with 28-year-old Kylr Yust, the estranged

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Natalee Holloway’s Dad Reveals Investigators Have Uncovered Human Remains In New Interview

Dave Holloway, Natalee Halloway’s father, made an appearance on the “Today” show this morning (Wednesday, August 16) to announce that human remains have been found.

The Alabama teen’s disapearance remains one of the most publicized missing person cases to date. Dave said that he and T.J. Ward, the family’s longtime private investigator have been working undercover with an informant for the last 18 months.

The informant’s friend was friends with suspect Joran van der Sloot, and new information led them to a home where human remains were dug up. The remains were tested, and they tested positive for human remains. It’s not yet clear who the remains belong to, however.

On May 30, 2005, 18-year-old Natalee Holloway vanished on the island of Aruba while on a high school graduation trip. The 18-year-old honor student and dancer had finished high school just days before the trip.

“Natalee was an original,” one of her classmates and

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9 Dead After Human Trafficking Truck Found At Walmart – Here’s Everything We Know

At least 10 people were found dead in a tractor-trailer parked outside a San Antonio, Texas Walmart on Sunday. Dozens of undocumented immigrants were in the truck, many of them badly injured. They were discovered after a man in the truck asked a Walmart employee for water. The worker called police after bringing the man water, according to CNN.

Police found eight bodies in the 18-wheeler. Thirty-one people were suffering from various injuries. Many suffered heat strokes and face potential brain damage. A ninth victim later died at a hospital. The air conditioner in the trailer was not working, Yahoo! reported, and on Saturday, it was a scorching 100 degrees in Texas. Two of the people hospitalized are just 15 years old, a fire spokesman said.

At least 100 undocumented immigrants may have been in the vehicle at some point, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting Director Thomas Homan stated.

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