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Model Stabs Himself In The Neck Near NYC’s Famous Waverly Inn Restaurant

A model stabbed himself in the neck in a townhouse above the famous Waverly Inn restaurant in the West Village of New York City after allegedly getting into an argument with his girlfriend on Monday morning. According to the New York Post, a trail of blood was running down the building’s stoop. Just four days earlier, he posted a photo of him on Instagram sitting on that stoop, captioned, “Stair wars if u gettit.”

Damon Tolstoy, 48, was rushed to a nearby hospital and he is now in stable condition. A knife was recovered from his apartment, where he has reportedly lived for about two months. Harvey Weinstein’s townhouse is located across the street.

“All I heard was someone shouting ‘help’ over and over in a very loud voice,” a neighbor told the New York Post. “The guy sounded like he was dying. It was terrible, like a wounded

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Man Fatally Shoots Parents, Girlfriend And Her Mom Before Turning Gun On Himself

A small community in Kentucky is grieving after a man allegedly murdered his parents, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother before turning a gun on himself on Sunday.

Joseph Nickell’s parents James and Arlene Nickell, age 75 and 70, were found shot to death in a Flatgap home. Joseph’s girlfriend 41-year-old Lindsey Vanhoose, and her mother 57-year-old Patricia Vanhoose, were found fatally at another home nearby, State Police Trooper William Petry said in a statement. The body of Joseph was found in the same home of his girlfriend and her mother, and police are calling the deaths a murder-suicide, Fox News reported.

Johnson County Coroner J.R. Frisby told the Lexington Herald-Leader that all four victims were shot once each with a 9mm handgun and that there were no signs of a struggle before the shooting. Frisby said he believes that the parents just finished baking a cake when they

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Man Kills Son, Daughter And Her Fiancé Before Fatally Shooting Himself At Abandoned Store

A man from White Plains, Alabama allegedly shot his son, daughter and his daughter’s fiancé to death on Thursday before turning the gun on himself. According to the Associated Press, Anthony Wayne Parker, 49, shot his 12-year-old son and his 19-year-old daughter Heather Parker. He also allegedly murdered Heather’s husband-to-be, 20-year-old Brandon Roberts.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told WHNT that after allegedly killing those three, Anthony called his sister to announce that he was also going to kill himself. According to the Associated Press, his sister called 911. When responding deputies got to Anthony’s home, they found the three victims in the front yard. Police found Anthony’s body not long after in front of an abandoned store, reported Alabama.com.

“We pulled the coordinates of the origin of the 911 call and traced it back to the Rabbittown store,” Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told The Anniston Star.

He died

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Police Officer Accidentally Filmed Himself Planting Cocaine In Suspect’s Wallet

A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been caught on camera allegedly planting cocaine on a suspect. As CBS Los Angeles shares, body camera footage presented in court during a hearing on Thursday appears to show an officer putting cocaine in a suspect’s wallet when he was arrested after a hit-and-run accident.

Fifty-two-year-old Ronald Shields was arrested and charged with a hit-and-run vehicle collision, having a gun in his trunk and possession of cocaine. In the arrest report, officer Samuel Lee says the cocaine was found in Shields’ left front pocket. He also corroborated that report in his court testimony. The arrest video, however, seems to tell a different story.

In the video, Lee is seen searching the suspect. Another officer, identified as Gaxiola, then picks up Shields’ wallet from the street and appears to put a small bag with white powder in it (which later tested positive for cocaine).

After putting the bag in the

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Man Shoots Himself In The Penis While Robbing Hot Dog Stand, Then Calls 911 For Help

A man accidentally shot himself in the groin while robbing a hot dog stand on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reports. Terrion Pouncy, 19, allegedly robbed the Original Maxwell Street Polish at gunpoint, demanding money from the register and an employee’s wallet and cellphone, according to a criminal complaint. As Pouncy fled, he put the .38-caliber pistol in his pants. As he did, the gun went off, shooting him in the thigh and penis area.

Pouncy called 911, stating he’d been shot. At the same time, employees from the hot dog stand dialed 911 about the robbery.

Officers later found Pouncy near a car wash, where he called 911 to say he had been shot, according to WSMV. Around the same time, employees had also called the police to report the robbery.

As of Thursday, Pouncy remained hospitalized for his injuries. He was not

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August 25, 1330: Anti-Pope Nicholas V Overthrows Himself

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On August 25, 1330 Anti-Pope Nicholas V overthrew himself. An Anti-Pope is a person who makes a claim that they are the Pope. They are not the elected Pope and they are established as pope in opposition to the one held by others to be canonically chosen. This particular Anti-Pope joined the Franciscan order after separating from his wife in 1310. He soon after became a famous preacher.

Nicholas V was elected Pope by an assembly of priests and laymen. Their decision was influenced by the excommunicated Holy Roman Emperor, Louis the Bavarian. Nicolas was consecrated at Old St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome in 1328 by the bishop of Venice.

In 1329 Nicholas V presided at a bizarre ceremony in Pisa: He formally condemned and degraded a straw puppet dressed in pontifical robes that was

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Dad Allegedly Murders His Kids Before Killing Himself On Father’s Day

A California man embroiled in a custody battle with his estranged wife murdered his two young children on Father’s Day before hanging himself.

According to a press release from the Santa Rosa Police Department, police were originally investigating a custody dispute involving 40-year-old Alvaro Camara a his wife regarding their two children: 6-year-old Juliana and 18-month-old Julian.

During the child custody investigation, deputies made multiple attempts to contact the father and check the welfare of the two children. Police eventually entered the residence and found the father hanging in a bedroom with the two children deceased nearby.

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Santa Rosa Police Lt. John Cregan told KTVU, “Our preliminary investigation shows they did have a volatile arrangement following their separation and there have been heated verbal exchanges that we’re

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Boyfriend Who Attacked Men Who Catcalled His Girlfriend Turns Himself In

A man who brutally attacked two strangers that catcalled his girlfriend has turned himself in. According to the NYDailyNewsthe man who severely beat two men—leaving one brain dead— in New York City’s Inwood neighborhood turned himself in on Monday.

Branlee Gonzalez, 18, attacked the catcallers early Thursday, in an assault that left one in a coma. The victims 69-year-old Lucia Bravo and 39-year-old Juan Caldron. The two were sitting on a sidewalk and drinking prior to the assault, per police. They whistled and catcalled as Gonzalez’s girlfriend walked by. That’s when Gonzalez got mad and beat them while they remained seated.

Surveillance video footage shows Gonzalez pounding his victims until his girlfriend eventually urged him to stop. The victims were taken to the hospital. While Calderon suffered only a bruising and cut lip, Bravo was declared brain dead. He also suffered bruises to his head and brain bleeding.

Police asked the public for help

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Man Kills Himself And Leaves Note Saying He Buried Wife In The Backyard

A Florida man killed himself, leaving behind a suicide note saying he had buried his wife in the backyard, mere hours after police performed a welfare check on the elderly couple. A concerned relative had asked authorities to look in on them after receiving a “disturbing package in the mail from 75-year-old Laurence Caulfield,” according to the official police report. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports human remains were found on the Caulfield’s property as of late Wednesday, however, they have yet to be identified.

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The relative said they hadn’t spoken to the Caulfield’s in several months. On Tuesday they received a packet that contained “the couple’s will and life insurance policy along with other financial

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