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Dying Teen Drags Herself To Side Of Road, Uses Last Words To Identify Murder Suspects

A 19-year-old girl was bleeding and dying, yet she managed to drag herself 100 yards to a roadside in rural Alameda County, California, to try to save her own life. 

Lizette Andrea Cuesta had suffered stab wounds and other injuries when people in a passing car saw her at 2 AM on Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times. Richard Loadholt was one of the good samaritans who helped her. He told KCRA-TV that he tried to console her and keep her conscious.

“I hope it’ll be encouraging to their family that their daughter did have the spirit to fight,” he said.

Another woman gave a blanket to the blood-soaked teen, who was airlifted to a hospital. Before she died, she was able to tell police who killed her.

“This victim really, really tried to survive. She fought,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly, according to Los Angeles Times. “The last thing we

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High School Student Posts Racist Instagram Photo Of Herself In Noose For MLK Day

Two underage students from Hurricane High School, located in Utah, are accused of posting a racist photograph on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The disturbing post showed a girl pretending to hang herself. The caption reads, “happy national n***** day.” An “X” was drawn over each of her eyes, supposedly to signal that she was dead.

Steven Dunham, Hurricane High School’s director of public relations, told KUTV that the students have faced consequences for their actions. The names of the students have not been revealed, and the details of their punishment have not been disclosed.

“We have a safe school’s policy and if they are not making other students feel safe in our own schools, in our own community, is significant in the punishments that they could face,” Dunham told the publication.

Jody Rich, principal of Hurricane High School, put out a video statement on his Instagram after the racist image was discovered.


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Mom Kills Husband, 2 Sons Before Fatally Shooting Herself While On Vacation At Texas Resort

A Texas woman is suspected of killing her entire family — and then herself — at a luxury spa and resort. According to Click 2 Houston, several gunshots were heard coming from the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas, around 4:30 AM on Monday. In a room at the resort, Flor De Maria Pineda Canas, 37, was found wounded, as was her 10-year-old son. Her husband, 39-year-old Mauricio Canas (seen below), and her 5-year-old son were found dead.

Originally, authorities heard moaning coming from the room. They forced their way in and found the family members. The wounded were taken to the hospital, where they later died.

Authorities shared an official statement explaining that they believe the mother was the shooter. They do not have a motive at this point. 

“Detectives with the Major Crimes Division have been able to confirm that this family arrived

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Woman Arrested For Shooting 2-Year-Old Son To Death Before Stabbing Herself

A mother from Buckeye, Arizona allegedly shot her 2-year-old son to death before trying to commit suicide with a knife. Alyssa Pettibone, 26, was arrested on Monday for the second-degree murder of her son Hudson Pettibone. Buckeye police spokeswoman Tamela Skaggs told Fox News that the toddler was shot once. He died on the scene, Buckeye police said in a press release.

After allegedly shooting her son, The Associated Pressreported that the mother then tried to shoot herself with the same gun, but it didn’t work out. The bullet was reportedly loaded backwards. So instead, Pettibone allegedly tried killing herself with a knife.

On Friday, someone called 911 to report a shooting at Pettibone’s household, a home she shared with her parents and her son, Fox News reported. When police arrived they made the grim discovery of the shot toddler. They transferred his mother to a hospital when they saw her

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Girlfriend Accidentally Kills Herself While Trying To Stop BF’s Suicide: “If You Are Going To Do It, So Am I”

A woman from England has died in what appears to be an attempt to stop her boyfriend’s suicide. Corinne Hayes, 23 was upset that her boyfriend Brian Marshall, 33, appeared to be close to killing himself.

According to the UK publication Metro, Hayes thought her boyfriend would find her in time and that her threat would inspire him to spare his own life. She sent a text to Marshall saying, “If you are going to do it, so am I. Meet you on the other side.”

However, he reportedly didn’t see the text in time. By the time he did, it was too late. Tragically, she was pronounced dead at Marshall’s apartment over the weekend.

Hayes was a healthcare worker and a godmother of three.

Her mother, Mandy Hayes said, “Corinne was kind and sociable and had a heart of gold – she was everyone’s best friend.”

Corinne and Marshall began dating in

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Beautiful 13-Year-Old Girl Hangs Herself After Years Of Alleged Bullying: ‘They Told Me I Was Ugly Today’

A 13-year-old California girl died on Friday after she committed suicide after she suffered years of bullying, her family said.

Rosalie Avila, an eight grader at Mesa View Middle School in Yucaipa, California, was taken off life support on Friday after she attempted to kill herself on November 28. Her organs will be donated.

“My daughter had the whole world,” said her father, Freddie Avila, to NBC Los Angeles. “Now, I just have to think about what she could have done or what she could have become. Now it’s just a memory.”

Freddie found his daughter after she had taken her life, he said. 

“I woke up and there was screaming,” he said. “I had to find my daughter…in her room.”

KTLA reported that she apparently died due to asphyxiation by hanging.

After Avila’s suicide, her parents found a journal in which the girl detailed the bullying she received by her peers.

“‘They told

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Jilted Woman Poses As Ex-BF And Allegedly Threatens Herself To Get Him Arrested Repeatedly

A jilted woman from Texas is accused of creating social media profiles under her ex’s name and then threatening herself in an attempt to get him in trouble. Lisa Marie Garcia, 22, began a long series of accusations against her ex-boyfriend Brandon Berrott, 23, in September. She said he threatened her and, according to WCMH, Berrott was arrested. When he was released from jail, Garcia allegedly threatened herself again while posing as Berrott. This sequence of events reportedly happened multiple times for months, including at least seven times over a 10-day period. She also allegedly used Berrott’s fake account to threaten another woman who was involved with Berrott.

Every time a threat was reported, Berrott would get in trouble again for “violating the terms of his bail” since it appeared he was contacting her.

“Lisa Garcia created a fake Facebook and Instagram account as well as a fake phone number on

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Parents Of 10-Year-Old Who Hung Herself Say She Was Devastated After Video Of Her Fighting Bully Went On App

A 10-year-old Colorado girl committed suicide after a video of her getting into a fight with a classmate was uploaded to the app Musical.ly, her parents said to a local Fox network.

Ashawnty Davis, of Aurora, got into a fight with another girl who had allegedly been bullying her, according to her mother.

“She got into her first ever fight,” said Anthony Davis, her father. “It was recorded by a student and sent to an app called Musical.ly.”

In the video, Davis and another girl fight while other students watch. After the video went up on the app, which is generally used for making short videos with soundtracks, Ashawnty was bullied by other students who had seen the video, her parents claimed.

“My daughter came home two weeks later and hanged herself in the closet,” said Latoshia Harris, her mother.

The small girl spent two weeks on life support before dying on Wednesday morning.


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19-Year-Old Arrested For Giving Plastic Surgery Out Of Basement, Calling Herself ‘Dr. Kitty’

A 19-year-old girl calling herself “Dr. Kitty” allegedly ran an unlicensed plastic surgery clinic out of her basement, Toronto Police said.

Dr. Kitty – in reality, Jingyi Wang of Toronto — advertised her plastic surgery services and at least one woman responded, getting a procedure performed on her, police claim.

“Within a few weeks, the woman developed an infection and had to seek medical help from a licensed plastic surgeon in Toronto,” police said.

The victim reportedly received corrective surgery and later alerted police to the sketchy doc, who searched Wang’s home and arrested her.

Wang was charged with aggravated assault and made her first court appearance on Saturday. 

Sketchy plastic surgery might seem like a joke, but Wang is far from the first fake surgeon to get charged with very real crimes. One woman was convicted earlier this year for administering illegal silicone butt injections closed up with super glue. And a Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/blogs/19-year-old-arrested-for-giving-plastic-surgery-out-of-basement-calling-herself-dr-kitty

Video Of Tyerell Przybycien Helping Friend Hang Herself Revealed …

An 18-year-old boy is charged with murder in the death of his 16-year-old friend.

According to KSL Jchandra Brown of Payson, Utah was found hanging by a rope on May 6. Prosecutors believe that her friend, Tyerell Przybycien, helped her kill herself and recorded the suicide—without trying to save her.

Przybycien is charged with murder, a first-degree felony, and desecration of a human body, a class B misdemeanor.

In court, jurors watched the 10-minute video showing the death. Przybycien asks Brown to “say something, please.” As the girl’s body becomes still, he keeps recording and adding commentary. “Um, are you there? Move or something,” he adds. “Thumbs up if you’re OK.” 

Toward the end of the video, Przybycien says, “that’s when the brain stops getting any oxygen,” and, “I guess I’ll just leave this here now.”

Brown’s mother believes her daughter was “groomed” by Przybycien to carry out the suicide. His lawyers are challenging the murder charge but he

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