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NFL Heiress Who Was Arrested For Alleged Anti-Semitic Assault: I Said ‘I Have To Get Through’ Not ‘Hurry Up Jew’

The NFL heiress who allegedly beat up a man with a $300 glass purse last week after making an alleged anti-semitic remarkhas spoken out, denying claims she called the victim “a jew.”

Jacqueline Kent Cooke, daughter of the former Washington Redskins owner, allegedly attacked 52-year-old Matthew Haberkorn, on New Year’s Eve after eating at Caravaggio, a restaurant located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

According to Fox News, she is accused of stating, “Hurry up, Jew,” which ignited the violence. Cooke, 29, claims she said no such thing, and instead says she said, “Excuse me, I have to get through.”

Cooke told the New York Post that Haberkorn and his family were taking a “really long time looking for their tickets” in the cloakroom of Caravaggio’s. She claimed that after she said “I have to get through,” Haberkorn’s mother “immediately screamed at the top of her lungs” that Cooke made an

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