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Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassed And Threatened To Kill Her

Film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual abuse by numerous women. Actress Salma Hayek is the latest woman to come forward, revealing in an op-ed for The New York Times about ongoing harassment she experienced from the Hollywood mogul.

“Harvey Weinstein was a passionate cinephile, a risk taker, a patron of talent in film, a loving father and a monster,” she said.

The actress opened up about wanting to collaborate with Weinstein on her movie “Frida”: “The Weinstein empire, which was then Miramax, had become synonymous with quality, sophistication and risk taking — a haven for artists who were complex and defiant. It was everything that Frida was to me and everything I aspired to be.”

The partnership proved predatory according to Hayek. She said that Weinstein continually pushed her to be sexy in the role, pressuring her to do a sex scene with

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Randi Zuckerberg Says She Was Sexually Harassed On Flight, Airline Ignored Complaints

Notable tech executive Randi Zuckerberg says that she faced sexual harassment from a fellow passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight. In a post on Facebook, she claims that flight attendants ignored her complaints and dismissed the offender because of his status as a frequent flier.

Inappropriate comments from her seatmate began almost immediately after Zuckerberg boarded her plane from Los Angeles to Mazatlán, Mexico. She was asked if she had sexual fantasies about her travel partner by the man next to her, who continued to make vulgar comments as other female passengers got on the flight.

Both Zuckerberg and her colleague reported the traveler’s salacious behavior to the cabin crew, who reportedly did not take any action. The passenger also was provided with alcohol throughout the flight, and at one point, a flight attendant reportedly stopped by to ask, “Are you behaving today?”

Flight attendants did offer Zuckerberg a seat at the back

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Celebrity Chef Steps Down After 25 Women Say They Were Sexually Harassed At His Company

Following a massive expose from the Times Picayune, celebrity chef John Besh has stepped down from his position at the Besh Restaurant Group. In the report, 25 women have come forward with claims about the sexual harassment they faced while working at the company.

Two of the 25 employees have specifically filed sexual discrimination and retaliation complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since December; the others say they faced harassment within both the company writ large and at individual restaurants operated by the company. The abuse ranged from non-consensual touching and inappropriate comments to threats made against female employees pertaining to their advancement within the company should they not comply with sexual demands. Those who complained about their treatment were insulted or ostracized.

“I saw this subtle violence that was in front of me,” says one victm. “I just accepted it because I thought it was okay. I thought

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Film Producer Says Boss’s Daughter Sexually Harassed Him, Called Him Her ‘Gigolo’ – Then Threatened To Kill Him

A new law suit reveals the lascivious ongoings of a Hollywood scandal, in which a producer was seduced and then threatened by his investor’s daughter.

A report from the New York Post explains the bizarre story behind “Time Freak” and GTM Pictures.

After partnering with Chinese investor Sean Liao, producer Keith Wright found himself embroiled in trouble. Wright had been given $10 million to create three movies, including the rom-com “Time Freak,” through the newly founded GTM Pictures.

Wright was quickly made into a target for Wendy Liao, Sean’s daughter, whom he claims aggressively attempted to court him.

“She consistently asked Mr. Wright out for lunch and dinner,” the sexual harassment suit reads.

“Ms. Liao also repeatedly purchased or offered to purchase gifts for Mr. Wright. These gifts​ ​– including a Hugo Boss watch, Adidas shoes, engraved Tiffany cufflinks, a Coach backpack​ ​– were never solicited by Mr. Wright and made him uncomfortable.”

Wright says he returned the gifts

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White Michigan Police Officer Finds Out He’s 18% Black, Gets Harassed By Coworkers

Discussions about the racism of law enforcement have taken a national stage. On a local level, though, conversations about cultural sensitivity and policing remain important. In Hastings, Michigan, the story of a sergeant who learned of his black heritage late in life and then faced racist harassment from his colleagues may just be a microcosm of bigger problems.

The New York Times investigated the situation of Cleon Brown, who had assumed he was part Native American. Brown became more interested in his bloodlines after his daughter was diagnosed at birth for an illness that is more typically found in African-Americans. A DNA test from Ancestry.com showed Brown to have 18% of his genes coming from sub-Saharan Africa. He had no Native American in him at all.

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