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Prison Guards Mock Disabled Inmate Who Was Gassed To Death On Facebook

A handful of correctional officers are accused of mocking an inmate who died in a Carrabelle, Florida prison while begging for medical attention. The officers were responding to story published in the Miami Herald last week about an active lawsuit against corrections for the death of Randall Jordan-Aparo. They called the dead inmate a “b*tch” and other names on a private Facebook page dedicated to Florida corrections officers.

Jordan-Aparo, 27, allegedly spent four entire days begging for medical help. According to court records, medical staff dismissed his desire to take him to a hospital and instead gave him mere Tylenol pills for his ailments. According to the Miami Herald, he suffered from a rare genetic blood disorder, which was noted in his prison medical file.

When Jordan-Aparo disagreed with his treatment, he was allegedly put in an isolation cell where he was sprayed with a “chemical restraint agent.”

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3 Guards Murdered Mentally Ill Inmate

Three guards in Santa Clara, California have been found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2015 death of mentally ill inmate Michael Tyree. The three had also been charged with assaulting another, mentally ill inmate.

According to CBS News, Tyree incurred numerous injuries from a beating executed by Jereh Lubrin, Rafael Rodriguez, and Matthew Farris. Amongst the injuries that lead to his death were lacerations to the liver and spleen, which was nearly severed in two. Tyree was ultimately found in his cell naked and covered in vomit and feces.

The defense had attempted to argue that a medical examiner had drawn the incorrect conclusion that Tyree had been beaten to death, and stated that an investigation into the inmate’s cell was inadequate. They argued that messages scrawled into the walls of Tyree’s cell could have been a suicide note and that the injuries could have been caused by a fall from the toilet.

Text messages

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